Target Ticket:

Thank you for having been a part of Target Ticket. Target ended the service offered on this site on March 7, 2015.

Target Ticket guests were informed of the Target Ticket closure on February 10, 2015. They were provided information about how to access their Libraries going forward.

Additional Information for guests

If you have rented any movies that you have not yet watched, these movies are no longer available on Target Ticket. If you have purchased digital movies/TV shows from Target Ticket, we have partnered with CinemaNow and Disney Movies Anywhere, leading providers of premium digital entertainment. Both services are available at NO COST to you.

For CinemaNow eligible content:

If you have purchased digital movies/TV shows from Target Ticket, you may access your eligible content on CinemaNow. You will receive a credit from CinemaNow for any purchased content that is not available or eligible to be transferred to their service. Please go directly to CinemaNow at and follow the instructions provided.

If you choose another service, please know that UV movies purchased through Target Ticket can also be accessed through several other digital movie services. If you choose to register with CinemaNow, you must agree to have your library of purchased titles transferred from Target Ticket to CinemaNow in order to have access to your titles purchased through Target Ticket.

For Disney Movies Anywhere eligible content:

If you have purchased eligible Disney, Pixar, and/or Marvel movies from Target Ticket you will be able to unlock your eligible content via Disney Movies Anywhere codes that will be sent directly to you via email.

For additional information, please click the "Frequently Asked Questions" button below.

Thank you,
The Target Ticket Team

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