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2010: The Year We Make Contact

sci-fi & fantasy, thrillers

American astronaut sent on a joint U.S.-Soviet space mission to Jupiter in an effort to find out what happened to the missing crew of the original Jupiter mission.

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3 stars

This is an interesting and entertaining sequel to 2001. It's nowhere near the masterpiece Kubrick made, but it is good in it's own right. Just didn't have the mystery and pure eeriness of 2001. Great cast, including a good performance by Helen Mirren.

- blkbomb, Tuesday, May 17, 2011

3 stars

An ordinary sequel to an extraordinary film: "My's full of stars!" The film begins with this awful sounding recording...supposed to be Dave Bowman's last transmitted message before he "disappeared". Then there is the typical "recap" from the last the form of a report by Dr. Heywood Floyd, clearly depicting all that happened in Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, "2001: A Space Odyssey". This is followed by the opening credits with a clearly altered version of the iconic "Also Sprach Zarathustra" theme by Richard Strauss. Now, in that film, Bowman doesn't really say anything like "My's full of stars!" We are not really supposed to know how he was feeling then, when he went through what he did.... but he does say these words in Arthur C. Clarke's "2001..." novel. Now if only they had been that faithful to Clarke's "2010" novel when making this film, it probably wouldn't have turned out like this. What we get is a very emotional and sentimental "peace message" in the guise of a Sci-fi film...and what's is not just another Sci-fi is a sequel to arguably the greatest Sci-Fi film of them all.. In 2010, there is growing political tension between the US and the Soviet Union. In such an environment, a joint American-Soviet expeditions is sent towards Jupiter to investigate what went wrong with the Discovery, to try and reactivate HAL 9000 and find out why he malfunctioned and to find out the overall meaning of Bowman's last words! "2010" refrains from using anything and everything that made "2001..." a GREAT film. Some of that film's many qualities are the minimal use of dialog, the emphasis on soundtrack, fantastic visuals and the sheer enigma of it all... While making this sequel, however, director Peter Hyams throws all those aspects out the window and what we get is a proper "talkie" ordinary sci-fi "thriller" with the whole story explained from time to time in the form of Dr. Floyd's voice-over, some terrible dialog and some comic scenes (Sample this: Curnow: "No sh*t?" Floyd: "No sh*t!"). The effects look dated compared to the original which came out around 16 years before this! There was a reason why Kubrick ordered his sets of "2001.." destroyed! Also thrown in are some "tense" scenes very common to such kinds of "expedition" films, which I will leave unmentioned here. The film heavily relies on the acting as well..Dr. Floyd's role is played by Roy Scheider and he does a great job. Helen Mirren is great too, as Tanya Kirbuk. Keir Dullea reprises his role as Dave Bowman for a couple of scenes. Douglas Rain lends his voice again for Hal 9000. Then there are others like Bob Balaban and John Lithgow who are fine, really, but then the film itself doesn't make for the kind of magical experience that the original was. That said, this is not an entirely bad film. As a stand-alone, it is a decent film and does have its moments that make for a good one-time watch. But that's about it...nothing earth-shattering. As a sequel to "2001.." however, it heavily pales in comparison.. If only...

- gokhale1, Tuesday, February 16, 2010

4 stars

A capable sequel to a bonafide classic. The cast is strong, the storyline is always interesting and arresting, and the mystery is still present. While it doesn't answer many questions that "2001" posed, it's still a visual delight and a fun journey back to what made "2001" so special. Keir Dullea gives a creepy performance as the main character from "2001" who is yanked back into the storyline masterfully.

- fb619846742, Monday, October 5, 2009