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About Last Night

A couple (Rob Lowe, Demi Moore) deals with the downside of passion when a one-night stand leads to living together.

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5 stars

a good, intimate view of Rob Lowe

- sainttom93, Sunday, January 14, 2007

2 stars

It might be a good movie on its own, but it pretty much checks David Mamet at the door and exchanges him for John Hughes sentimentality.

- nuheart, Saturday, January 6, 2007

3 stars

I never heard of this film. I happened to glance upon it when it was reccomended to me because of my review of St.Elmo's fire(Which I gave a 70% Rating). I didn't have anything to watch at the time, so I gave it a shot. I must admit this film had a very eccentric beginning. I also must say I might be checking out the book it was based upon. I definately give this film an A in realism. Rob Lowe was laid back in his role. He started to progress more and more as the film continued. You could tell he wasd a 'player' in waiting(If Belushi's charcter wasn't any indication) It made you wonder if he could settle down and Commit with the girl. Lowe is the typical I want to *@#%, but I don't want to be with you kind of guy. Demi Moore seems to sparkle in her films. In this movie she glowed.(yes that is better than sparkles) She was also rather impressive in her body langauge and emotioanl range. She showed off quite a bit of acting chops. She too wasn't sure if he was the commitment type, and the two of them would soon find out..together! What toegther? yes, they move in together rather fast. I also wondered something. Does Moore have a fascination with painting and pottery? SPOILER ALERT: The worst part of the film was the shower scene in the tub. It was rather cheesy and dumb as hell. Belushi(James), was actually pretty funny(I guess giving this romantic-romedy it's comedy) He was pretty damn perverted too(yes that was his role, but he did it so good, it kind of made you think he was a real professional at it) He does seems to slow down a bit, but you could see he had a hard time of not being rude, and crude. This film wasn't just a rom-Com to me. I thought it was kind of a Dramady as well. It was emotional, and also very entertaining as a comedy. This was a film that will make you feel many types of emotions, maybe for me, I guess that I mostly felt,"Hey this is some pretty real *7$#! My cousin talks like that!" This film kept getting better and better. I felt that this film touched on some very big topics, that didn't just include commitment,sex, and drinking, but also job loss,struggle, and living together. It wasn't very solid in discussing each topic as much as others, but it stressed upon them each enough for you guess the aftermath or affects of them. "About last Night, really isn't a film you'll forget about last night, cause you'll still be feeling the effects of it's realism, and fine perormances from it's leads for a few nights after. Or atleast the girls will fantasizing about Rob, and what he looks like without that towel." True Rating R/NC-17: For extensive use of extremely sexualy explicit dialouge,sexual content includding some scenes of nudity and some alcahol use. (will update with final anaylis of final 35 minutes of film, that i need to still view)

- EbertsLittleApprentice, Sunday, August 15, 2010