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Assault on Wall Street

  • Rated NR

independent, special interest

When the economy suddenly crashes, Jim loses his job, home and wife.Filled with anger and rage, Jim snaps and goes to extreme lengths to seek revenge for the life taken from him.

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Top Critic Reviews

Rotten: This zeitgeist-tapping revenge fantasy doesn't deliver enough guilty pleasures.

- Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter, Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rotten: Boll spends so much time painting Jim into the corner required to "justify" his bonkers actions that once the film's fuse is irrevocably lighted, viewers may have already checked out.

- Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times, Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rotten: The film seems inexplicably tame, the least interesting execution of a radical concept.

- Peter Debruge, Variety, Sunday, May 12, 2013

Audience Reviews

3 stars

Uwe Boll is notorious as being one of the worst filmmakers in the history of the medium. But with every filmmaker, he can direct a good film. He has proven himself in the past with Rampage, Seed and Tunnel Rats, three underrated films that really don't deserve the flack they have received. Boll can make a good film, and with Assault on Wall Street, he crafts his best film. This is clearly a personal film, one that Boll felt strongly about. I think that Uwe Boll is a director that can create something good when he works with his own ideas, and decides to tell his own ideas. This is a well crafted film that can surprise the most reluctant Boll hater. I enjoyed the film, thought the acting and directing were well done, and it a surprising picture by Uwe Boll. Boll has had a sketchy career, granted, but he can make a good movie that is entertaining. Assault on Wall Street is an accomplished film that makes you ask important questions and brings to light an important issue. The film works due to the strong performance of Dominic Purcell who really brings something unique to the screen. This film is Uwe Boll's finest picture, and of the films I've seen from him, he really gives this one his all and it proves to his harshest critics that he can make something watchable. The film doesn't deserve the flack it has received and with that said, Boll puts to light important issues that shouldn't be ignored. Assault on Wall Street has its flaws, but is definitely not as bad as what the mainstream critics have said. Sure there are aspects of the film that leave room for improvement, but overall Boll has crafted a highly engaging revenge drama that is worth seeing. With an effective cast, and interesting concept, Uwe Boll delivers the strongest film of his career, one that deserves to be seen.

- TheDudeLebowski65, Saturday, May 18, 2013

3 stars

I loved this movie for one reason: I wish I could do that! Assault on Wall Street is a Canadian film directed by the famous German Uwe Boll , whose failures never slowed him down... I will even say, that this one was actually pretty good! The criticism of the capitalism and the system of theft were exposed through the story of Jim (Dominic Purcell) and Rosie (Erin Karpluk), who were both affected by the US economic crisis at the time when Rosie is sick. Their life turned upside down when they discovered that their broker invested all their funds into risky equity investments and they lost all their savings. Expensive medical care of his wife culminated in the seizure of their home and the loss of his job... After the tragedy happened... Jim decides it is time to act! And he does... efficiently... and I think everyone in their life sometimes felt like Jim and wanted to act as him. The tempo of the movie was almost perfect, acting wasn't bad either, characters were developed enough for the story to feel realistic and the camera work was very satisfactory. For a director with a bad reputation, Uwe Boll did a really good job!

- panta2, Monday, July 29, 2013

2 stars

Not an action film. 95% heavy drama. Don't expect a action movie. But aside from that it tells a story from a very limited perspective. He doesn't just go after the main "bad" guy he goes on a rampage. Really I could not identify with him as a hero vigilante, just a mass shooter loon. Honestly if he had an objective, or a mission, that was more noble then revenge. Maybe it would have been a better story. But he didn't. It could have been done much better, the idea for a movie like this is solid, this just had horrible execution of a good idea. (main actor was good, that is why I gave it two stars. He did a good job with a horrible story.)

- fb1292158502, Sunday, August 11, 2013