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Babylon 5: The Lost Tales

sci-fi & fantasy

10 years after he became President of the Interstellar Alliance, Sheridan prepares for a Babylon 5 reunion that could prevent Earth's impending doom.

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3 stars

Babylon 5 has always been one of my favourite series in the sci-fi genre. It may not have had the same budget as other such shows, but what it did have was great dialogue and writing, with intricate plotlines and engaging political drama. In fact, it's no stretch to say that script-wise, it's one of the best shows ever to grace TV. It's just too bad that it was so overlooked, because B5 was unfortunately met with a lot of undeserved prejudice, even by myself, before I gave it the chance that would turn my opinion around completely. Anyhow, with the release of this fresh new movie, I was happy to see that the legacy of B5 still lives on, however unsure I was as to what to expect from it. Without going into too much detail, I was both disappointed and pleased with this particular production. The writing remains as good as in the series, but the two stories presented here were of very different quality. The first was quite predictable and dismal, whereas the second was pretty much B5 at it's best. So in the end, it left me a little conflicted. It was still good overall though and as a fan of the show I was amazed by the transformation from its low-budget style to something that now looks more up to date, with high quality CGI and a much more improved production design. I truly hope they make more of the same, so that the franchise may live on for a long time to come.

- CloudStrife84, Thursday, December 27, 2007

5 stars

This has two parts of the story. I liked the second part better than the first. It was nice to see Babylon 5, the station, in high definition. The station looked awesome. I wish they would hurry up and make the second installment.

- ejhypno, Thursday, January 8, 2009

5 stars

After B5: The Legend Of The Rangers, I had a rare doubt concerning Straczynski's ability to further his masterful vision. Thank God, he obliterated that seed of doubt with the first installment of The Lost Tales. Your batting average is secure, J.M. This work is absolutely gorgeous, both in it's imagery and it's story, which does nothing but continue to add positively to the already expansive and well-established B5 universe. The actors may have lost some years but none of their fire. Likewise, the three newcomers are stellar in their roles. I was also very impressed by the depth and emotion of the religious aspects of the first half-story, considering J.M.'s well known atheism. I guess it doesn't take a fundamentalist to write a good religious story. If they are anywhere near as good as this one, then I am very anxious for the other installments to be released.

- TheJuniorEbert, Wednesday, October 15, 2008