Box art for Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome (Unrated)

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome (Unrated)

action & adventure, sci-fi & fantasy

Young, talented fighter pilot William Adama's first mission on the Galactica becomes a pivotal one for the desperate fleet in this all-new unrated chapter in the Battlestar Galactica saga.

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Luke Pasqualino, Ben Cotton

directed by

Jonas Pate


Jonas Pate



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3 stars

Much of the production team from the incredible Battlestar Galactica series - executive producers, writers, visual effects supervisor, composer - are on hand to bring this lavish, adrenaline-fueled movie set 10 years into the first Cylon War. Conspicuously absent though is the man who gave the show its true heart & soul, Ronald D. Moore. The followup Caprica series was not as well received by fans for its cerebral storytelling, so they went in the opposite direction with Blood and Chrome - this thing is almost all action. There are some dazzling sequences but some are too cluttered and chaotic. I never had trouble following the docu-style shaky cams during the series, but this new director doesn't possess the same skill level with the technique. I also tend to think they used a new effects studio as some of them weren't nearly as special as what we saw in the series. The sheer volume of effects sequences possibly required some cost-cutting measures. Another problem is the portrayal of Bill Adama as a young cadet who is an asshole right out of the box. I suppose they want to show his growth in maturity from a reckless hotshot, providing a Blood and Chrome series is on the way, but they went too far in creating a character who is by and large incongruous with the older Adama. I started to think of him as Chad Adama, Bill's misfit brother, and it worked much better. I liked much of the rest of he cast though, particularly Ben Cotton as raptor co-pilot Coker. All in all, it was great donning a flightsuit and manning a Viper once again, and the first sight of the Galactica brought a lump to the throat proving that there are many stories left worth exploring in the BSG universe.

- DrStrangeblog, Sunday, February 17, 2013

3 stars

Pretty good. For those that loved the series, this is more of it.... This one is the start of the series and how the war unfolded.

- jctrifile, Saturday, February 16, 2013

3 stars

A must for every Battlesstar Galactica fan. I have not finished the series quite yet, almost there. I did discover that Blood & Chrome is a web series combined into a hour and a half movie. I hope SyFy decides to continue, I would love to see more of young Adama, dudes a bad ass.

- moviejunkie19881, Saturday, March 30, 2013