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Affluent young couple Joseph and Maria are facing problems of intimacy in their marriage due to Maria's troubled past.

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1 star

I love Sheryl Lee, but I found this film to be dreadful. It's ridiculous, laughable and poorly executed. Everything about it is a joke.

- divinetrash, Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2 stars

"Bliss" is fresh in that the actors are unknowns. Canadian movies usually always have that element. Also, the story takes significant risks by discussing sensitive aspects of psychology in looking at the sexually dysfunctional relationship between a newly married couple. The movie begins with Joseph and Maria heading off to their wedding. Clues are given about how the movie's going to go, which ultimately makes the story compromising and as a result, superficial. Joseph's best friend Tanner (Casey Seimazako) plays the typical dumb guy, reassuring, best friend: "all women are suicidal from time to time." Joseph realizes in therapy that his wife Maria fakes orgasms. This of course makes him insecure. When Joseeph, a construction project manager, observes her from a construction site walking into a building where his fellow buddies discovered a "man who sexually pleases 4 to 6 women a day one after another" (word has it he "pleases every one of them."), he obviously goes into a jealous rage. When he realizes this male sex machine is Dr. Baltazar, a sex therapist, he decides that he loves his wife so much that he confides Dr. Baltazar into "mentoring him" into being some kind of super lover. Not too convincing right? Maybe so, but there are elements of this movie I like. The visuals are sharp, concise, and fresh. The writing is thought provoking, but, the direction of the acting is horrid. Craig Sheffer, who plays Joseph, is a horrible actor. Despite his manly frame and great looks, he is the most unsexy human being on the planet exhibiting a dry, robotic kind of personality. His wife, played by Sheryl Lee is a little bit more convincing. Her soliloquy at the group session was fairly believeable. The main problem I have with this movie is the scientific dryness of how it delves into relationship dynamics. It attempts to pacify the human spirit with cerebral assumptions of how a human mind works. Although the sensuality is tastefully shown in this movie, the story's attempt at quantifying sexual bliss is to me is perverted (in an sexual sense) and belittling and patronizing to humanity.

- californiatones, Thursday, February 14, 2008

5 stars

A Glorious movie about marriage and tantric sex...and this is before I even knew what tantric sex was! I'm still not quite sure about marriage...

- secondnatureproducti, Monday, January 29, 2007