Box art for Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet

Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet


A group of teenagers celebrating Blood Night suddenly find themselves face to face with the realities a haunting.As they run from the bloody rampage left behind they'll need to survive the night to expose the truth behind the legend of Bloody Mary.

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2 stars

A decent little modern slasher film. It has plenty of gore and a few grisly kills. It has a strong start but it felt rushed towards the last 15mins which was a bit of a let down. It's very short at just 80mins in total. Good for a short fix for Slasher fans but we still want better than this.

- Deano78, Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2 stars

better then i though and there gore glore to boot. Main thing wrong was the acting very poor indeed!!!

- briandeguelle, Saturday, October 16, 2010

3 stars

I only watched this for two reasons: gory deaths and Danielle Harris. It delivers on both counts, period.* *Pun intended.

- thefog1331, Tuesday, April 27, 2010