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Blood Sport IV: The Dark Kumite

  • Rated NR

action & adventure

When a cop goes undercover in a prison to investigate a crime, he finds out that he has been targeted to participate in a mysterious Kumite kickboxing match and fight to the death!

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0 star

Horrible, pointless and poorly constructed action film has no redeeming factor whatsoever. Thankfully this is the last Bloodsport film, and I never understood why they made these dreadful sequels in the first place. These are truly horrible, low grade filmmaking that doesn't deliver anything remarkable to the viewer. You're left wanting more, and wishing that you didn't waste your time on such trash. With a poor cast of talentless actors who don't know how to act and a bad director to boot, this film really doesn't work, and it is a pitiful attempt at concluding a series that never should have happened n the first place. I mean the first Bloodsport didn't need any sequels whatsoever. Yet again, studio executives are wanting to cash in on the original, and want to make a quick buck, no matter how awfully painful the film is. There is no aspect of the film that is interesting. Every fight scene is horribly constructed, the acting is very bad and the plot is ultimately uninteresting. There's nothing here to appeal to fans of the first film, and it's a good thing because this was purely made for money with no concern in telling a compelling and engaging story. Bloodsport: The Dark Kumite is a stupid film that never should have seen the light of day, and if you enjoyed the first, definitely pass up on this one. This is not worth your time. Stick with the original, you'll be glad you did and like I stated before, this is the final film in the Bloodsport franchise, and it's no secret as to why they stopped making them. With each entry, everything got worse.

- TheDudeLebowski65, Saturday, November 17, 2012

2 stars

It is hard to review a film like Bloodsport:the Dark Kumite, because it's a truly crappy movie; on the other hand, I had a lot of fun watching it and making fun of it. This is sort of Bernhardt's version of 'Death Warrant' or 'Forced to Fight,' with none of the charisma of either previous film. Daniel Bernhardt is a great entertainer in the world of B movies- but I'm kind of suspicious after watching this one. Along with 'Future War,' 'Dark Kumite' is Bernhardt's second entry into so-bad- it's-good MST3K territory, and I began to suspect that he and the filmmakers intended these movies to be so bad. Everything about this movie is bad: the sets look like they were literally all filmed in the same mansion owned by the producer, and just decorated differently to match a prison or a police station. The dialogue is just cringe-worthy at best, and the fight scenes are badly choreographed, and the performances make you wonder why nobody stood up and cried "No!" when watching the dailies for this- yet ALL taken together provide an hour and a half of non-stop laughs. All the actors look pretty trashy and sleazy- even Bernhardt. The movie itself just had this strange, out-there quality to it. The camera angles are askew, and there are lots of scenes, dialogue, and performances that just make you go "WTF?" The main baddie has all these hot chicks lined up the stairs of his mansion, the prison guards dressed up like they're going to the leather bar,the warden's freak out, the Dr. Rosenbloom character: everything felt like it was a surreal Euro-trash skin flick (but with martial arts instead of sex). I was waiting for Dieter from SNL to come out and start dancing. There's this pretty weird, askew sex scene between Bernhardt and a hottie, on a revolving bed in the prison. I felt like I was watching Fellini until the spin kicks and wannabe 'Mortal Kombat' music started up. While there is plenty to chuckle at, and much that I think fans of bad B movies will love, I cannot really give this more than 2 1/2 stars.

- rageofsadako2008, Tuesday, August 3, 2010