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Brave New Girl

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Holly Lovell (Haun) dreams of attending The Haverty Conservatory of Music and Dance even though she knows her single mother Wanda (Madsen) is struggling to pay the bills, never mind tuition.

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4 stars

I love this movie, but I also love Haun.

- dreamfaeries, Monday, March 12, 2007

2 stars

A movie based on the book written by Britney Spears and her mum (although I suspect her mum wrote it and Brit just put her name on it!). I gave this movie two stars - one for Virgina Madsen who shouldn't have to sink so low, and one for the lead actress who plays Holly here (Lindsey Haun). Wouldn't say she is any great acting talent, but she is cute and likeable for the kind of fluff this is. The whole movie is pretty ridiculous. I don't mind the odd teen movie, and even I was having to suspend belief here several times. SPOILERS....... Like how the hell Holly got into that school based on that horrible video her mum sent in, also, no one ever questioned could she sing classically until she was there, or even if she spoke foreign languages - the amount of time it took Holly to "learn" all that was ridiculously short. Then the whole thing where her mum just happens to meet an attractive and decent man on the very day she is down and out on her luck (yeah, that happens all the time....). Don't even get me started on the mum moving into Holly's dorm room (see why I think this is a little fantasy piece Britney's mum wrote?!). And then that horrible little number Holly does at the end of the movie. Probably just as well they cut it there, as I'm sure the next move would have been her being booted out of school! Whole sections of the story just get forgotten about also for convenience of plot. For example, Holly's Texas boyfriend just disappears after a phone call where there is a misunderstanding, and we never find out exactly how Holly's mum avoided being homeless (or where she is staying when she is not in Holly's dorm). Surely not tarting it up with the guy she met only a day or so ago?! That wouldn't be very PG13! The whole story is too cute, too wholesome (although Holly does get an alcohol lecture from her mum) and just a little too silly honestly.

- romy861, Saturday, August 27, 2011