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Breaking Point

  • Rated R

action & adventure, drama

BREAKING POINT is an action filled dramatic tale of corruption and power, in which one man has to overcome a deeply seeded conspiracy and his own dark past in order to gain the redemption he deserves.

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Top Critic Reviews

Rotten: Overwrought indie crime drama.

- Cliff Doerksen, Chicago Reader, Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rotten: Both visually and emotionally ugly from start to finish, this empty crime thriller doesn't have a moment that's genuinely worth watching.

- Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News, Friday, December 4, 2009

Rotten: From its generic title to its overly familiar plot line to its B-list cast, Breaking Point has the feel of a late-night entry on Cinemax, which no doubt will be its fate sooner rather than later.

- Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter, Friday, December 4, 2009

Audience Reviews

2 stars

Pretty decent courtroom/crime drama with two underrated stoic actors....Tom Berenger and Armand Assante, both of whom give nice performances in their respective roles as the obvious goodie and baddie, I don't think I need to say who was who. This kind of plot and film has been done many times before and allot better than this but this is still a good film for what its worth and does give you some nice dramatic moments of emotion with tense strong scenes of violence. The film looks good and its directed well with a real sense of purpose and care with its creation, the characters are abit cliched and boring and it is kinda predictable but its still entertaining thanks to the cast doing well. Along the same lines as 'Brooklyn's Finest' in terms of looks and scope with plenty of corruption, deceit and double cross but not quite as good as the said film, worth a look if you like abit of courtroom n gangster jazz :)

- phubbs1, Wednesday, November 17, 2010