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Nastassja Kinski stars in this erotic fantasy about a beautiful young woman who discovers love for the first time, only to find that the explosive experience brings tragic consequences.

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3 stars

Not Original Idea, but nice to watch.

- ScoopOnline, Friday, December 11, 2009

3 stars

A strange movie. Cat people turn into cats after sex, and will only turn back into humans if they kill someone. Natassija Kinski plays the role with innocence, sexiness, wonder, dread - it is hard to imagine the role with anyone else. I'd love to see the 1942 version.

- Redlats, Tuesday, October 16, 2007

4 stars

The story line concerns two orphaned siblings (Nastassja Kinski and Malcolm McDowell) who were reunited in New Orleans as adults--but they are, unbeknownst to the sister, the descendants of an unknown tribe of fanatical animal worshipers who can only mate with their own kind. If they mate with species outside of their circle they will turn into vicious black panthers who must then kill to regain their human form. The brother thinks the only way to save their dead race is by an incestuous relationship but when Natasha refuses his advances and falls in love with a hunky local zoo curator named Oliver (John Heard) all hell breaks loose as Malcolm goes on a killing rampage. The movie includes some sultry vocals by David Bowie and the beauty of a black panther is also something to appreciate. It is quite graphic in terms of blood and gore and full-frontal nudity but if you possess a desire to walk on the wild side, or you want to see Nastassja Kinski morphing into a panther, or Annette O'Toole baring her breasts in her midnight dip, then CAT PEOPLE will suit your every need as a guilty pleasure.

- xxdebxx, Thursday, April 15, 2010