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drama, thrillers

A duplicitous female executive tries to run her ex-lover out of the company after he rebuffs her sexual advances.

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3 stars

This psychological Thriller stars Michael Douglas as the happily married and successful computer expert who gets abused by his new boss, the dangerously sexy and ambitious Demi Moore with whom he had an affair in his bachelor days. She tries to pick up where they left off but he manages to resist deciding to file charges of sexual harassment instead but this is the last thing his company needs and he comes under increasing pressure from Donald Sutherland who gives a convincing performance as a "bad guy" and is the President of the Company they work at. Roma Maffia does an excellent job of playing Michael Douglas's lawyer. This is Hollywood's first sexual harassment film to the best of my knowledge about a woman molesting a man. "Sexual harassment is not about sex, it's about power. She has it, you don't". All in all a well-done film with a great cast.

- xxdebxx, Thursday, March 11, 2010

3 stars

This movie is the PRECISE example of why you don't go dipping your pen in the office ink,because it will come back to explode in your pocket. They were both very good in this and the story was good. The sex scene was too much for me,wouldn't you hate to have been the cleaning lady in that building?

- ashleymh007, Sunday, August 5, 2007

2 stars

Drama with Michael Douglas who's being sued for sexual harassment by his new boss, sexy Demi Moore, who actually used to be his girlfriend. Douglas is the head of some IT department in a big company but when Moore steps in to become Vice President she wants Douglas out, and him, sort of, turning down her sexual advances gives her the perfect opportunity to make up a story to get rid of him. It's not the worst film ever i suppose but the script isn't up to much and Michael Douglas kinda just walks through his lines. I'm guessing this was meant to show that women can be just as manipulative and powerful as men in the work place and in the mid 90's maybe that was a big deal but nowadays it just doesn't seem relevant and despite the satisfying ending,and an appearance from Donald Sutherland(who i couldn't tell whether he was in on Moore's plan or not) this went on for far to long and overall is a bit dull and crappy.

- monkeybobbob, Wednesday, April 22, 2009