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Disneynature: Chimpanzee

  • Rated G
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Meet Oscar a young chimpanzee with an entertaining approach to life.

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3 stars

For Oscar, every day is an adventure. Good Disney Nature movie! Gorgeously filmed and just the right length to keep smaller ones from getting bored, I was amazed at the footage that the filmmakers got of these chimps. I am one of those who has trouble leaving the primate area of the zoo and it does make you marvel at their similarities with humans.You'll feel like you just went on a trip to the rain forest of Africa, and I can't imagine a child or teen not liking this. Or an adult for that matter. Oscar, a baby chimpanzee is enjoying his life with his mother in the jungles along the Ivory Coast. Without warning, young Oscar is tragically orphaned during an attack from a rival group of chimpanzees. Afterwards, he attempts to survive on his own, and to be accepted by the other chimps. But Oscar struggles, until he is surprisingly adopted by the Alpha Male of his group.

- MANUGINO, Wednesday, September 12, 2012

4 stars

This was really great. Rather snarky narration for a disney flick. Beautifully filmed and you'll only tear up a little bit. Probably.

- Julie, Thursday, August 23, 2012

3 stars

Chimpanzee unabashedly goes after all the cheap and sappy gimmicks a nature doc can to try and please its audience and for the most part it has succeeded in that regard. After a fairly impressive start to their annual Earth Day naturedoc entry, Disney has struggle as of late and Chimpanzee was an attempt to right the ship. The film currently stands as the fourth highest grossing documentary of all-time (never underestimate the power of cuteness) so financially it was a success, artistically however, not so much. I was interested in the story of the rival Chimpanzee tribes and their quarrels over the nut groves but once the adorable orphaned Oscar gets adopted by the gritty and cold tribe leader I started loosing interest in a hurry. The film is also narrated by Tim Allen which demands the question of "Why?". There are, I promise you, dozens if not hundreds of far more entertaining and informative documentaries of Chimps out there but Chimpanzee does have impressive HD camera work and if Oscar's just too darn adorable to avoid for you there are certainly worse ways to spend an hour or so of your time than checking out Chimpanzee.

- staindslaved, Sunday, June 3, 2012