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Ed Gein - The Butcher of Plainfield

drama, horror, thrillers

The gruesome murders shocked the world, the grisly remains told a terrifying story of pain, brutality and torture.

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Kane Hodder


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Rotten: The least fathfull bio of a serial killer, ever.

- Stefan Birgir Stefansson,, Thursday, June 24, 2010

Audience Reviews

1 star

It's shot well, the acting is mostly competent (even if the characters are not) and the pacing keeps it from being a complete bore. The problem with this film is it's inaccuracies. I'm all for dramatic license, but what's the term for changes that make a story less interesting? By reading up on the real Ed Gein on any website, you will get more chills and a general feeling of nausea and discomfort. This film offers none of that. The only reason for these changes are out of pure laziness and the want to cash in on a big name. However, in a film where Kane Hodder is cast as Gein what did I expect? I must gives props to Hodder who actually gave a good performance, it just wasn't the right performance for Ed Gein.

- kiriyamakazou, Sunday, July 5, 2009

2 stars

I am sure that in 1957 these gruesome murders did shock the world, and we thought Hannibal Lector was bad. If all that they showed in this movie were true (Most Based on a True Story, Lack the true Details), then old Ed was a pretty sick person. I am wondering just how sick I am for watching it, hummm. But as far as a review, not often I have to turn my head in a movie, but did on this one, the scenes were pretty graphic and having had a large number of bones broken over my life time jumping into jungles and trees from perfect flying aircraft, it just reminded me of pure pain. As far as the movie, wouldn't add it to any collection, wouldn't see it again, and wouldn't go to the dollar theater to see it, best I can do is 2 stars on this one.

- bbcfloridabound, Sunday, February 1, 2009

0 star

Thought this would be awesome cause it basically was telling the true to life story of serial killer Ed Gain which the Texas Chainsaw Massacre killer Leatherface was loosely based on. Ummmm no it was really bad with nothing scary at all going on here.

- leekyle1968, Sunday, July 5, 2009