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Frankenweenie comes to life in this hilarious offbeat story.

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ON for kids age 9
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3 out of 5
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Burton's creepy young Frankenstein is perfect for tweens.

what parents need to know

Parents need to know that Tim Burton's black-and-white, stop-motion animated film Frankenweenie is the feature-length version of a short he made early in his career. Like most of Burton's films, Frankenweenie's tone is dark and creepy and will likely scare kids who are sensitive to the macabre. On the other hand, this tale of a very young Frankenstein who reanimates his beloved pet dog is a great introduction to the horror genre for older kids and tweens who are ready for some scares -- like when a group of kids reanimates various pets that go wild (one ends up as big as Godzilla) and terrorize the town. Pets die in the movie, and the resulting grief is depicted realistically.

what families can talk about

  • Families can talk about the Frankenweenie's scare factor. Are the frightening scenes too much for little kids, or are they funnier than they are scary? Who do you think they're intended to appeal to?
  • Do you think kids will get the movie's references to horror movie characters? Why do you think Tim Burton's signature style is so dark?
  • Would the movie have the same impact if Sparky was a different kind of pet? What's the appeal of dog movies?

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3 stars

If you have ever had a pet that passed away you know the pain and sadness that comes along with it. But, what if you could bring them back? That is the premise of "Frankenweenie". Victor is a socially awkward kid whose best friend is his dog Sparky. One day while Victor is playing baseball, Sparky runs into the street and is killed by an oncoming car. Victor then uses his love of science to bring Sparky back to life. One his fellow students come to know what he has done, things get really crazy. This is a very heartfelt animated movie that everyone in the family should enjoy. Tim Burton originally made this as a short movie, and then returned as director for this, and his mark is all over. This sits perfectly next to "Nightmare Before Christmas" or "Corpse Bride". I also dug the black and white, as it really sets it apart from other animated movies. My only real complaint is the pacing is a little slow which makes the 90 minutes feel like 120. But it's still entertaining, and a good animated film that holds it's own in a year full of great animated movies.

- fb100000145236770, Friday, December 28, 2012

3 stars

Unfortunately 2012 was the year I stopped going to see Tim Burton films at the cinema, and not a moment too soon, as Dark Shadows was one of the most awful things I'd ever sat through. However, Frankenweenie is Tim Burton's own remake of his 1984 short film and something I was very interested in. It sees a young boy bring his dead dog back to life, only for his classmates to abuse his new found science. It's certainly a step-up from Burton's recent output, with lots of stunning visuals. But at the same time, it seems as though he is pleading with old fans to return. The small town setting, lots of references to Holland, it seems as though we've seen all of this before in his films. The jokes fall flat, but there is a lot of heart. Unfortunately, the plot is padded out with a bit too much filler and characters that really don't deserve much time on screen. Still an enjoyable film and the decision to keep it in black and white is a brave and welcome one.

- kiriyamakazou, Friday, December 28, 2012

3 stars

'Frankenweenie'. Gorgeous animation and a sublime black and white aesthetic get lost when the story broadens beyond its sweet core. The unique look of the film extends to every part of it, but it's the eyes of every character that really stands out, delivering personality in spades. The ensemble at Victor's school are great in small doses. When the story goes off the rails and dilutes the film of its very personal nature, they become silly, and a huge distraction. I was left wanting way more Victor and Sparky time, and feeling like this whole film could've been much tighter without the science fair B-story.

- c0up, Sunday, November 4, 2012