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Game of Death

action & adventure

Wesley Snipes stars as a contract killer for the CIA forced to take on a group of rogue agents gone bad.

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- Boyd van Hoeij, Variety, Thursday, February 23, 2012

Audience Reviews

2 stars

A poor quality political action flick with Wesley Snipes as what I could see the directorial and editorial touch was the use of black and white, which comes out of nowhere and seems completely out of place. It looks terrible! Impossible to be confused with Bruce Lee's fabled final film of the same title, Game of Death is a trumped-up and misleading description of Snipes's shuffle as killing machine Marcus. Confessing to a powerless priest (Ernie Hudson), Marcus flashes us back to a mission which delivers double-cross, courtesy of some treacherous dude and New Zealand stunt woman Zo Bell. Snipes mechanically kicks and shots, as does ring-in Giorgio Serafini. The entire hospital seems oblivious to the gun fight going on around them, but nothing feels like it really fit. I only enjoy some of Snipes's action and fight scenes and Gary Daniels and Bell are average as the villains. I see Bell makes a super scary serious face, but it comes out ridiculous. The acting is poor and worst.

- deano, Sunday, June 5, 2011

1 star

A dreadfully awful action film which title has nothing to do with the movies setting. A good fight at the end with Snipes and Daniels but the rest is awful, lots of bullets fired and not a single clip reloaded. Snipes dose not attempt to act once in this film. Gary Daniels gives the only performance worth noticing to bad the film is a waste of his talent

- allan913, Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3 stars

This actually turned out better then most of the DTV movies Snipes has given us over the last few years. First off you have him battling it out with Gary Daniels and a pretty good itch through out the movie waiting for that moment to happen. Plus hey, you get Ernie Hudson. Guy is great. And New Zealand hottie who knows how to throw a punch and fire a gun. She's a keeper in my book. Now one thing that does bug me... and it isn't just this movie. A lot of of these DTV action movies do it. They try to get artistic with making a quick shot in black and white or in negative. Well it just doesn't work. The story line is numb and watered down and well insanely preditcable. But Oh well. We're watching this for Snipes and Daniels and I wasn't disappointed. Snipes still shows he has the moves. I especially enjoyed the fight he has with a CIA op in a play room in the nutjob ward of a hospital. You get padded walls, a inflatable chair, and an oblivious woman playing a piano. That's pretty sweet.

- youngnastyman88, Monday, November 14, 2011