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Ghost In The Shell: Solid State Society

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A.D. 2034: It has been two years since Motoko Kusanagi left Section 9.

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4 stars

Great great great movie. Too bad the cast is wrong since it's not in english yet. I want more to my Ghost in the Shell though.

- KentAron, Thursday, January 11, 2007

3 stars

The Sound is mixed up. Batou to me is the weakest developed characters in the series and the beginning of the movie focuses on him and the major. I still don?t understand why all rangers have two toilet paper tolls sticking out of there face for eyes. Its like watching a Clint Eastwood in western without seeing his eyes. The middle focus on a normally hyper detailed plot development where you either strain to the point of breaking a blood vessel to absorb all the multitude of character and layer thrown at you. Then is the robot battling the enhanced human and humans wearing exoskeletons. Then the closure where the ethical and societal dilemmas are brought-up. In my estimation the elevation of Togusa to team leader and attempt to develop him as character evolving his wife and daughter was serious plot development error. In the earlier movies he was the grounding point for the audience to address the bizarre future where virtually every one has electronic enhancement from the age of five. And I thought Id never say it, but I really do like the Tachicomas now. They have more character development than the remainder of the cast. The major has as with anyone watching the GITS is always the focus of attention. I?ve always been torn by the message she portrays. In the original her apparel was pure S&M with a military coat occasionally draped over her shoulders. Then it shifted to more normal appearance but with oversized eyes. Now the eyes have returned to more normal size and she wears basically a translucent body stocking over here fully synthetic body. If you just listen to the movie without watching it her role is definitely a positive role model for women, however if you watch it without listening its just soft core anime-porn. I really find the Japanese view of this situation amusing. They basically don?t evaluate/sensor anime for nudity, because it just drawings not photos. ie Octopus and Fishermans wife.

- bcavros, Saturday, September 11, 2010

5 stars

I liked this movie the best out of the ghost in the shell moves i t made a real comeback for ghost in the shell and it was just great

- Tsume15, Tuesday, December 11, 2007