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Grave Encounters

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independent, special interest

A reality TV show crew film inside an abandoned mental hospital, where an unexplained phenomena was reported. They quickly realize that the building is more than haunted; it has no intention of ever letting them leave. 2011 Festival Selection!

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3 stars

Grave Encounters is a found footage horror film that relies heavily on previous films and their ideas. What it does do is execute those ideas in a fantastic way, making a solid horror throughout. Grave Encounters is the name of a reality show that investigates the paranormal. This is the supposed 6th episode that was never aired. The team enter an old mental asylum and gradually things start to get weird. It all starts with a tongue in cheek approach that makes fun of actual shows like this. When the host doesn't get what he wants, he pays a gardener to make up a story, the medium is an actor, and nobody really believes what is going on. This all equals some genuinely funny moments that put us at ease. The film then gradually builds up exactly how a horror should. First we are introduced to items and stories that we know will come back later. Then we are privy to some ghostly encounters that the characters are not yet aware of. The characters then begin to hear noises, one goes missing, the events become violent etc. This is exactly how to build up a horror as sometimes the destination isn't important, but the journey. This is the foreplay of the horror genre. Without it we just aren't ready for the big finale. The effects are very impressive and creepy and the film isn't scared to show what's happening, although it does get annoying how the film freezes for a second after every big shock. The performances are great, although the lead sometimes slips between his fake persona as a cheesy host and the scared prisoner of the hospital, but by the end he is no longer laughing. The film also does well to make you expect scares and not deliver, and deliver them when you're not expecting them. Overall a very nice entry into the genre, and one that takes the best of previous efforts.

- kiriyamakazou, Saturday, September 8, 2012

2 stars

I watched this on the advice of a horror fan friend, who said that even he was scared by this (he's never scared by horror films) so that set me up to think it would be absolutely horrific. Quite the opposite. Yes there were some good 'shocks' 'scares' or more appropriately, 'tense' moments, there really isn't much to this film. It was good to see it but overall the only thing that really stood out what the set.

- StarCrossedVoyager, Thursday, May 31, 2012

3 stars

Lance: This place is about as haunted as a sock drawer. "They were searching for proof... they found it" Grave Encounters is a rather gimmicky horror film. More so than the average found footage horror film. With that I said, I can say that I enjoyed it. It was a fun little movie that used its predecessors like Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity for material. I really liked the tongue in cheek parody beginning of the movie. Grave Encounters is the name of the ghost hunting tv show that goes investigating an insane asylum. The Vicious Brothers throw a lot of great little jokes into the beginning and really make it fun for anyone who has sat through a Ghost Hunters tv show. Then the ghost hunters go inside the asylum for what they believe will be another easy and uneventful night of taping. For awhile, that is all they think it is. Then things begin to change and soon they come to see that the paranormal is all too real. I really enjoyed the first hour of this film, but it definitely began to drag in that last half hour. That last half hour was when it began to get extremely gimmicky too. While the first part focused more on atmosphere and little movements caught on camera; the last part decided to show the ridiculous. The ghosts looked terrible and some of the other jump scares I won't mention left a lot to be desired. The Vicious Brothers must not believe, like the makers of Blair Witch, that its scarier when some stuff is left to the viewers own mind. Still, this is a lot better than you would first expect. I liked the premise, I liked the humor, and I liked the cast. All in all, it's worth a look just to see a parody of those godawful ghost television shows.

- blkbomb, Friday, March 9, 2012