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How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days

comedy, romance

Benjamin Barry (McConaughey) is an advertising executive and ladies' man who, to win a big campaign, bets that he can make a woman fall in love with him in 10 days.

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Top Critic Reviews

Rotten: Resorts to the kinds of cliches that were so yesterday two weeks ago.

- Ann Hornaday, Washington Post, Friday, February 7, 2003

Rotten: This is a movie that never aspires to be anything more than dimwitted fun, then falls on its aspirations.

- Bruce Newman, San Jose Mercury News, Friday, February 7, 2003

Rotten: After a frothy start, How to Lose (an apt abbreviation) becomes a one-joke comedy of slapstick suffering.

- Bruce Westbrook, Houston Chronicle, Friday, February 7, 2003

Audience Reviews

5 stars

Great movie about finding your true love :) Matthew & Kate were great in this movie :) One of my favorite movies that I love to quote :) Love the love fern :) Don't forget to frost yourself :) :) :)

- movieguru12, Sunday, April 24, 2011

0 star

...or how to lose the will to live in ten minutes! A horrible clichd romance film about two very 2 dimensional and quite hateful beautiful people who fall in love unconvincingly! Calling it a chick flick is an insult to women! Stick knives in your eyes before watching!

- SirPant, Thursday, October 1, 2009

3 stars

A decent comedy as a girl tries to prove any girl can get a guy to ditch her, while the guy is out to prove he can get anyone to fall in love with him in 10 days. A few funny moments about the do's and don'ts of dating.

- Deano78, Tuesday, August 25, 2009