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Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan with a few friends. His life is not very difficult and his personal trials not that overwhelming.

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Superhero comedy is super-crass, super-twisted.

what parents need to know

Parents need to know that Kick-Ass is a superhero action/comedy based on a popular comic book that kids will be eager to see. But be prepared: It features teen characters, and -- most notably -- an 11-year-old girl who dole out extreme violence (think slo-mo Matrix-style bloody gunshots to the head) and language (including "f--k" and "c--t" out of the mouth of the 11-year-old). Expect some conspicuous sex scenes between teens and references to drugs. It has some arguably good messages about taking action instead of standing by when bad stuff happens, but it also has a relentless, darkly humorous mean streak. Due to a strong marketing campaign, very positive buzz, and good early reviews, parents are going to have a tough time keeping teens away from this one.

what families can talk about

  • Families can talk about the character of Hit Girl. Was the idea of a skilled, confident 11-year-old girl superhero cool, or disturbing? Or both? Why? Is she a role model, or a cautionary tale? What responsibility does the movie studio and filmmakers have to the young actress involved in an adult film like this?
  • Were the violence, language and sex necessary for this movie? How would it have played without them?
  • What do you think about the concept of a regular person becoming a superhero? What are the dangers involved? What are the benefits? Are courage and weapons enough? What are some realistic ways kids and teens can be "superheroes"?
  • Can you think of any real-life examples where someone stepping in when they saw something bad happening would have made a big difference?

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Top Critic Reviews

Fresh: Kick-Ass is a compendium of all sleazy things, and it sings like a siren to our inner Tarantinos.

- David Edelstein, New York Magazine, Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fresh: Kick-Ass is ultra-funny, ultra-silly and ultra-geeky, but what Kick-Ass mostly is, is monumentally cool - this is the film the kids will be swearing about.

- Giles Hardie, Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday, June 24, 2010

Audience Reviews

3 stars

It was a pretty good movie with a different story from another superhero movies... It was brutal like '300' but humanly like 'Batman Begins'... The cast did a pretty good job too, even for Nicholas Cage... The one who stealing my attention here is Chloe Moretz, she is a really talented young actress and lovely as well... Matthew Vaughn did a really good job in this movie, I didn't read the comic before but I know that this movie was a great adaptation movie... Overall, even there are some scenes that bored me, but I enjoy watching this movie...

- ajaymuthecooldevils, Saturday, October 23, 2010

3 stars

It was aight

- jagfire, Saturday, October 23, 2010

4 stars

First off, no, I have not read the source material- at least not yet. I have read about it and know a lot about it though. So, given my (somewhat limited) knowledge, I can say that yeah, this follows things moderately well, save for some big changes in the second half. From what I can tell though, this film seems like it would work best as a companion piece of sorts. The book is probably (I'm sure) better, but this is really damn good in its on way. It does thigns the book doesn't or can't and vice/versa. I really, really enjoyed the film Defendor, which is similar to this in theme and subject matter, but whereas that was a serious and dramatic character study, this is a gleefully irreverent, satirical middle finger to the conventions and notions of comic book heroes and vigilantes. It explores the consequences of what happens when regular people try to be extraordinary. This is nothing new in and of itself, but the wayt it is done, especially because it is so subversive, is why this is an important film. There's a lot to like (if not love) here, and even though i like films which are darkly comedic and have tones that are bipolar, I think that is the one thing about this movie that i have a problem with. Not a major proble, given how i' grading it, but a problem nonetheless. I like that the tone is mixed, but I think it is a bit too uneven for its own good. I really disagree with the critics who panned this (and for the reasons why-mostly on moral grounds), but I have to agree with them that had they put in maybe a smidge more humanity with the consequences of actions (mostly with Hit Girl) then I think it could have been a little better. That sounds odd though, because I love the fact that the character is a vulgar and brutally violent child who should know better, but sure doesn't act like it. I'd like to think the character probably knows better, but acts how she does anyway because she's just matured far too early. SInce that's probably not the case though, I don't think people should be that pissed off. This is satire. That she is an 11 year-old who is merciless and profane is funny, even whe nshe has to face reality the hard way. This is good material for intellectual debates. The character is actually kind of tragic, but still a blast to watch. Moretz is perfect, and this is one of the roles she's definitely going to be known for for the rest of her life and career. The other performances are good too. Cage is his usual creepy best, Strong once again proves he's an excellent villain, and Aaron Johnson is great as the average loser trying to make his life better, albeit in a misguided but noble way. Christopher Mintz-Plasse is also good, but a little underwhelming. As I mentioned above, I haven't read the book, but I mostly really liked the changes. I think they worked pretty well given the medium, although it would have been cool had they been a bit more faithful to the material. The spirit is there, but following the actually plot and stuff would have been neat. I can understand why they changed it though, and why they toned down the violence, profanity, and other content. They kind of had to-otherwise this would be accessible to too small an audience (which is a shame), and well, it's not likely they would have wanted to actually release this as an NC-17, which, let's face it, is what it would have been without the censorship. I'm against censorship, but i'm fine with it here even if I disagree with it on principal. Okay, enough rambling. This isn't Superbad meets comic books, but it's not just over-the-top mayhem either. It's funny, thought-provoking, and just balls to the wall ridiculous Too bad the tone makes it a bit too uncomfortable at times. On that note though, that's probably the point. Definitely give this one a chance-it's a wild ride.

- cosmo313, Friday, October 15, 2010