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Leprechaun: In the Hood


When Butch, Postmaster P, and Stray Bullet loot the local hip-hp mogul's studio to fund their demo album, the threesome unwittingly ends up with the secret of Mack Daddy's success: a magical flute.

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3 stars

This is hilarious; more of a spoof than an actual horror movie. The film is one half "Friday" and one half Leprechaun. The "getting out of the hood" story could actually stand on its own and be a decent little flick, but throw in the Leprechaun and you instantly have a cheesy B-style romp. The effects disappoint, so there are no cool kills, but there is plenty of rhyming and intriguing minor characters to satisfy the viewer. And it does even better than I expected - I expected a rap song about the leprechaun - instead at the end, the Lep does hid own rap including his own music video hos and bling references. I'm not surprised a second Lep in the hood was done, but I am unsure if I will watch it (both currently available on FEARnet web viewing).

- Stinger839, Saturday, July 25, 2009

3 stars

The Leprechaun series continues with the bad little dude (Warwick Davis) causing some trouble for two boys in the hood. There's some funny rapping, and a run-in with a gang lord (Ice-T) named Mack Daddy. Actually, it's one of the more enjoyable Leprechaun films!

- YosemiteSamFan, Saturday, July 14, 2007

2 stars

This fifth installment to one of my favorite horror series is actually one of my least favorites. It doesn't have the same humor and feel to it like the other ones do. But it was still very watchable and I wouldn't mind watching it again.

- holmennnguy, Monday, February 4, 2008