Box art for Masters of Horror: Cigarette Burns: John Carpenter

Masters of Horror: Cigarette Burns: John Carpenter

  • Rated NR


Film is magic. And in the right hands it can be a weapon. For movie programmer Kirby Sweetmanthe holy grail of cinema is Le Fin Absolue du Monde, a legendary lost movie whose sole showing was rumored to have driven its audience to a homicidal frenzy.

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3 stars

I've been told this is the best Masters of Horror episode. Reedus was a dolt, but Udo was properly creepy. Good story.

- sleepykiss, Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2 stars

Allegedly this was a hidden John Carpenter story with an interesting story. The story however loses its way bogged down by a clearly limited budget resulting in a royal mess of a conclusion.

- fb721890245, Wednesday, November 5, 2014