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Sam Bell is nearing the end of his 3-year contract with Lunar Industries, mining Earth's primary source of energy on the dark side of the moon. Alone with only the base's computer Gerty as a companion, Bell's extended isolation has taken a to

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Fresh: Much more than simple escapism, Moon may not be for everyone, but it is certainly a very good film that will inspire intriguing post-cinema conversation.

- Giles Hardie, Unknown2, Thursday, June 24, 2010

Audience Reviews

5 stars

An amazingly good hard sci fi movie. Not fantasy sci fi . . just goo sci fi . . an excellent film with Sam Rockwell putting on a great performance. If you want good psychological sci fi movie this is it.

- jmanard52, Sunday, January 24, 2010

5 stars

Not since Stanley Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey and George Lucas' Star Wars has a Sci Fi Drama been so compelling. Moon is a superb film directed by Duncan Jones and stars Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey. The thing I love the most about this film is the fact that the robot in this film feels Humane and actually cares for Sam Rockwell's character. Unlike Hal 9000 who was a total psycho in 2001, Gerty, the robot in this film has human emotions and genuinely cares for Sam. A superb film that has grossly been unnoticed due to the fact that bigger budget films such as Avatar and Inglourious Basterds dominated the box office, Moon is a jewel and will in time find an audience. It really is a work of breathtaking originality. Made on a mediocre budget of only 5 million, Moon proves that you can do so much, with so little. Thats also an aspect of the film that I love, it looks great, feels expensive, and yet it's not. Duncan Jones has done something great here. I will definitely be looking forward to future films of his. Jones is an impressive young talent. Moon is a superbly crafted Sci Fi drama and is great film. When I first saw this film, I was just in awe about the story. Sam Rockwell is phenomenal and he delivers one of his best performances. I truly believe he's an underrated talent. He truly shines here. Moon is, as I've said before, one of the best of 2009 and if you see this film, and want to experience an overlooked treasure of 2009, then pick this title up. I can only hope that this film finds an audience because it's a work of genius. The standards have risen once again for the Sci Fi genre, and this is the best Sci Fi film since 2001 and Star Wars.

- TheDudeLebowski65, Wednesday, September 15, 2010

4 stars

This is probably my most favorite film of 2009 other than "Inglorious Basterds". A very weird, dark film that is different in so many ways.

- TheCuckooBird, Friday, September 10, 2010