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drama, horror, thrillers

While on honeymoon, a wife plans to murder her troubled husband using her most deadly assets

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4 stars

You are aboard the Maid of the Mist, the infamous riverboat that takes you along the fringes of the falls. NIAGARA. Streams of mist pour and pour relentlessly over your eyes. You are one with the water. The fishy smell of murder lingers. "..this is the moment, Oh thrill me.." The falls. Possibly the most powerful allegory for love. To be downstream, without a paddle. To pray that you sink, before being torn to shreds trying to swim. "...thrill me, thrill me, thrill me..." Location choice is obvious. Gorgeous scenery. Any jackass could've shown up with a camera. Execution, however, was professional. Perfect. The strongest presence in the film, the water, constantly flowing and flowing. Looming, and roaring in the distance. A reminder that the forces of nature are all-consuming. "...take me, take me, in your arms..." Marilyn, I prefer it when she's bad. "...make my life perfection..." A surprisingly clever screenplay. Co-written by The, Charles Brackett. Seriously, if this film does not impress you, slap yourself. Throw yourself over the falls, because you know nothing about film.

- HairyLyme, Monday, October 11, 2010

4 stars

I have always enjoyed older movies. This one is great. Marilyn was awesome in this film and the scenery was breathtaking even if the the film quality was a little poor.

- caroline149, Monday, October 18, 2010

3 stars

Quite a good thriller, Marilyn Monroe is very effective, more so than I would have expected. She sure does have an incredible screen presence. The Niagara Falls setting is a big plus, well photographed, good production.

- jam233, Tuesday, November 10, 2009