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Night Wolf


Sarah returns home to her troubled family after a much put off visit. As a storm rages through the countryside she and her family find themselves isolated.

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2 stars

Was there no light available during production? Not even a couple flashlights from the nearest 7-11? Hell, have someone stand behind the camera and burn a friggin' newspaper. There was some terror and a small bit of suspense here and there, but don't expect to see what's causing it. Meh.

- fb712816713, Sunday, August 12, 2012

1 star

These are the same guys that produce that (pardon the pun) dog of a movie, "Dog Soldiers"...Definitely a low, low budget and straight to video British horror film. The acting was boring, the special efforts were piss poor and the so called wolves were a cheesy joke. This wasn't on my radar and it just happened to be a Library foray that landed me this and I wished I had left it where it was...

- psyclock7, Wednesday, June 6, 2012

3 stars

A character-driven psychological thriller, Night Wolf features few of the tropes associated with werewolf or supernatural horror films. Instead, the film plays out like a home invasion film with a superhuman predator. However, the real horror is the family that is under siege by the forces outside: infidelity, substance abuse, and deceit provide the real drama and horror of the film as the characters all seem to fall prey to supernatural forces because of their own horribleness as human beings.

- fb555928095, Monday, May 26, 2014