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Based on the acclaimed novel and adapted for the screen by best selling author, Jack Ketchum; OFFSPRING follows the survivors of a brutal flesh-eating clan that has re-surfaced in the once sleepy town of Dead River, Maine.

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Rotten: Offspring is as lame as they come.

- Steve "Uncle Creepy" Barton, Dread Central, Thursday, June 24, 2010

Audience Reviews

3 stars

I know the adaptation of Jack Kethum's "Offspring" has it's problems one being acting with some of the characters ,costume and a few other flaws but I really enjoyed this gory little fun fest.I had heard so many negative things about it I didn't watch it right away but I'm glad I did. It's really quite shocking and very gory in parts and the gore was very well done.At the end of the day it's a movie I'll watch again.

- daynadadiva, Sunday, February 28, 2010

3 stars

Cannibals!! Some of it is pretty gross depending on your sensitivity. They even do some close ups on the gore.. a drunken woman comes home to find her baby sitter killed & ?alice? so to speak is still in the house with her siblings. The cops are investigating & one of them had to deal with the cannibals once before & Still trying to find them. 2 words.. Baby Ouch I can just imagine what some of the grunting means.. Hey honey What?s for dinner?.... Brains its what?s for dinner! (& no, no zombies included) C

- sykora259517, Saturday, February 6, 2010

2 stars

I have to give them credit.. it is just as wierd as the book.. It really isn't enough of a plot to pull off a great movie.. it's gory.. and leaves enough unexplained to leave you wondering.. (I don't recall them ever really saying where they came from in the book either.. the movie says something about an old light house keeper.. but not much else) No steller acting , no high tech special effects.. but if you are in the mood for a bloody gore fest.. here ya go.. (and one of the best death scenes you WANT to see happen.. as the character deserves every bit of it) Note added later: After reading another entry.. I see the book was a sequel.. I never read the first one, so that explains why it never said where they came from.. :)

- kaijawitch, Wednesday, January 27, 2010