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Paranormal Activity 2 is as groundbreaking as the original."* Just as Dan and Kristi welcome a newborn baby into their home, a demonic presence begins terrorizing them, tearing apart their perfect world and turning it into an inescapable nightmare.

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Rotten: Paranormal Activity 2 is better made and not quite as paper thin as the original, but by replicating the bare-bones B-film, the sequel sacrifices any chance for distinction.

- Jake Coyle, Associated Press, Friday, October 22, 2010

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3 stars

So slow I initially thought it was crap, but ending creeped me out so much I have had to reconsider my initial impression!

- romy861, Thursday, December 13, 2012

1 star

img]] Paranormal Activity 2 is as boring, stupid and unimaginative as it's clueless horror movie body count of characters. It goes in a completely different direction to the original film, which I actually never found scary in the first place. Where as the original film made you care about the characters and had an eery atmosphere that didn't affect me but really got to some people on a psychological level, this lazily structured cash-in prefers to sit around doing nothing and then occasionally go "bang!". That's how lazy it is, this is a disgrace to horror and brings a bad name to the whole genre. Even though it fails on each level in following the formula of the first one it embarssingly does it even worse. It's constantly reminding us that it's based on true events but it never maintains any sense of realism because of the bad acting and the incredibly annoying cardboard cut out characters. It features a dog and a baby, that's all that's new. When all else fails it desperately succumbs to making us sympathise rather than cower behind our seats. Having said that it's clearly a film that has such contempt for it's audience that it doesn't care about making anything work, other than constructing a very slight likeness to the original. Which then just makes it incredibly predictable and then consequently, it's never scary, at all. I watched it in the dark, alone, and I never even flinched. It's one of those film's just dripping of the exact definition, of the saddest, most badly structured cash cow's, that really makes you think that Hollywood is running completely dry of ideas. And also that studios churning out horror movies have to take an admirable film festival creation, namely, the first Paranormal Activity, and then turn it into another lackluster franchise product churned off of the mainstream horror production line. It stands next to The Posession, The Saw sequels, Insidious and The Devil Inside in proving that horror isn't as scary as it used to be, and that everyone who's scared of this drivel and it's companions and actually pays to see it is probably an emotionally fragile wimp.

- aquateen2, Sunday, October 28, 2012

2 stars

"I never cared for the first PA movie and I didn't really care for this one either. There was more to the barely there story and yes there were some definitely creepy moments. But there was nothing that really stood out for me to think this was a great scary flick. I guess I was expecting more to happen. I got bored numerous times throughout the movie and wanted to shut it off (other's wouldn't let me). A lot of people are really into these movies and think their scary. I am not one of those. It was creepy and all, but not enough was happening to keep me interested. Not something I will see again."

- LWOODS04, Sunday, October 21, 2012