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After their spring break extravaganza at Lake Victoria, the swarm heads upstream where they look to make a meal out patrons at a local water park, run by Dave Koechner (THE OFFICE).

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Rotten: The outrageousness feels calculated and even desperate, with a final ten minutes packed with beheadings in the hopes that audiences will forget how lackluster the previous 73 minutes were.

- Alonso Duralde, TheWrap, Friday, June 1, 2012

Rotten: As one character notes, "there's something in the water" all right, and apparently it's making movies (and audiences) progressively more stupid.

- Bruce Demara, Toronto Star, Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rotten: It's not outrageous enough to warrant a you-gotta-see-this-to-believe-it screening, and the gore is nothing that gore fans haven't seen a hundred times before.

- Eric D. Snider,, Friday, June 1, 2012

Audience Reviews

2 stars

img]] I eagerly anticipated the release of Piranha 3DD a lot more than most people would, I loved the first movie. The sequel is filled with Piranha's, sex, teenagers and water, and I wouldn't have it any other way. But watching it I found myself wondering why I wasn't enjoying it more. Firstly, if you liked the first one for rampaging piranha's and plenty of blood, guts and gore, you wont get it. The film is cheaper made than it's predecessor by 4 million and their's less blood spilled here than the previous film's attack on Lake Victoria. It's got too much sex in it, which you could actually find in other movies, and the characters are more one dimensional and dislikable. On the plus side, there are some funny moments involving David Hasselhoff and a not so bright fat guy with a piranha up his arse, plus Ving Rhames, with his newly designed machine gun legs, trying to overcome his fear of water after the Victoria disaster. I'm not actually spoiling anything, the charm of the original's self awareness is sucked out in this sequel, and I was moderately let down. But I'd definetely defend it from the amount of panning it's been undeservedly recieving, it's not as bad as it could have been, but it's certainly not good.

- aquateen2, Wednesday, June 6, 2012

3 stars

I expected worse and that's what I got. Luckily for my wonderful self, I had recently watched the likes of 2 Headed-Shark Attack. After that film, this was bound to seem like a classic, so forgive me if I gush. A year after the events of the last film the Piranhas have found there way into underground waterways. This leads them to gradually descend upon a recently opened adult swimming pool. The film does try too hard at points. It really attempts to make itself a pastiche rather than just a bit silly. Rhames comes back with metal gun legs, just so he can start shooting. Hasselhoff plays himself, and is actually the runaway star, but what should have been an extended cameo becomes a major role. Piranha 3DD also sets up lengthy jokes, that are kind of funny but not entirely worth the effort. For example a Piranha swims up a girls vagina, and later has sex with her boyfriend, and you can imagine the rest. But this joke is spread out over 20 minutes. Still, I was never bored, I laughed at the absurdity, and it was all harmless fun. Especially at 82 minutes.

- kiriyamakazou, Saturday, June 9, 2012

1 star

On one front this film does exactly what it says on the tin, its a creature feature boasting no more than soft porn and mindless killing via nasty sharp toothed fish. If you enjoy this type of film then you will possibly enjoy this 'comedy' horror, there is nothing to explain as its entirely obvious all the way through. On the other front you could also look at this as yet another completely pointless waste of money and time which offers absolutely zilch originality in any department. Personally I enjoy creature features but this is pretty much bottom of the barrel stuff that wasn't needed and drags down the genre's good image. Its completely a rehash/rerun of the first film (almost identical for gods sake) that offers terrible effects both real and cgi coupled with lame vanilla 'porn' which only teenagers would find sexy. Comedy horror? no, not at tall, not even remotely amusing. Although it does amuse me how the makers couldn't decide what they wanted it to be. It does start off as a reasonably sensible creature horror but totally deteriorates into a spoof towards the end, I half expected Leslie Nielsen to pop up, quite bizarre frankly. Yes it delivers more pointless flesh eating goldfish which some may want but ultimately the film is so badly made, so trashy with dreadful...everything! Quite simply if you wanna see tits n ass just watch some porn, why bother watching this nonsense? The only half decent thing was Hasselhoff enjoying a laugh at his own expense. The 'Baywatch' spoofing could easily be a fun film on its own, just drop the shitty piranha plot and you could have a winner.

- phubbs1, Tuesday, June 12, 2012