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In London's East End, a boy must take care of his brother and drug-addicted mother while balancing his own life. Featuring Keira Knightley (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN FRANCHISE).

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4 stars

This is the story of drugs and violence in england as told to us by a 10 year old boy who routinly cooks up his mothers "medicine" for her daily. keira knightley and molly parker co-star.

- meltdown4, Wednesday, April 25, 2007

3 stars

Director Gillies MacKinnon is no stranger to the drug theme within the work he creates. He examines the topic in both The Grass Arena and television series Needle, however neither come close to how truly moving and realistically dismal Pure is. It begins with a little boy, Paul, making his mother breakfast on his tenth birthday. How kind and sweet we think until we see him prepare a heroin needle and place it aside her food, calling it her "medicine," obviously displaying his naive outlook on the situation. As the rest of the movie unfolds it becomes slightly hard to watch--scenes that follow consisting of Paul locking his mother in a room in hopes that she can kick her addiction cold turkey while listening to her screaming and chanting about how she never wanted him, abuse, fights, death, drug-experiencing. However slight solace is found within a childlike waitress, Louise, who is played by Keira Knightley. This flick was good but not amazing, certainly depressing, and please...someone, give this kid an effing award; I'll be seeing any movie he is ever in hands down.

- prettypersuasion, Thursday, November 15, 2007

2 stars

A little overbearing, though not entirely unwatchable. Good, but not great performances, and a redeeming ending.

- scratonspeed, Friday, December 19, 2008