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Resident Evil: Damnation

action & adventure, anime & animation, horror, sci-fi & fantasy, thrillers

A sequel to the highly successful anime film RESIDENT EVIL: DEGENERATION.

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3 stars

Makoto Kamiya continues the Resident Evil animation franchise with Resident Evil: Damnation.Regarding the plot, it does have plot holes and it is light on details, especially early on; however, the final 30 minutes of this 90 minute production tend to pick up with more action and sci-fi fun.Visually, the CG that makes up this film is better than good, giving it a more mature and realistic look. The action is entertaining and over the top, but the film does make an effort to keep things down to earth when it can.While the look of the characters is a plus, the mouth movements to match the dialogue needs work. This is probably the most challenging piece to work on, so it doesn't deserve a whole lot of criticism. As for the voice work, it is acceptable.By the end, Resident Evil: Damnation is an enjoyable CG viewing.

- skactopus, Wednesday, December 26, 2012

3 stars

(3 Stars) Geez, when did a movie based on a zombie video game become so political? I'll give Resident Evil: Damnation points for trying something new with the plot, but it's weird covering real world issues when there are a ton of ridiculous things about it... and yes, I've played the games and I know how ridiculous and contrived those are. I'm not sure when Leon became a dick, but I guess when you shoot a ton of infected people over and over, you'll probably be an angrier person too. Damnation isn't a terrible movie though. There's a gory fight between two of the well known villains of the game that's extremely cool and will please fans. The action is pretty imaginative and there are some tense moments when it goes into a first-person perspective. Damnation isn't the best action/horror movie, but it's a pretty good Resident Evil movie.

- fb514818401, Wednesday, September 26, 2012

3 stars

Not bad. This is the anime. Set in Russia an American fights to survive against an army of creatures. The action was really good. The anime looked pretty bad ass. It's getting closer and closer to real. In the next 5 years I bet we wouldn't be able to tell an anime from a real movie.

- jctrifile, Sunday, September 23, 2012