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Shadow People

horror, thrillers

In the 70's, patients in a sleep study reported seeing shadowy intruders and then died in their sleep. Now, a radio host and CDC investigator research a new outbreak. Based on true events.

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Dallas Roberts, Alison Eastwood

directed by

Matthew Arnold


Michael Ohoven


Matthew Arnold



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3 stars

A blending of a traditional movie and supposedly "documentary footage", Shadow People tries to walk the weird line that The Fourth Kind walked before it, and this split aesthetic hampers it somewhat as it did with The Fourth Kind. Nevertheless, Shadow People manages to be a relatively engaging and sometimes creepy supernatural horror film that in many ways seems to mimic some of the Slender Man legends that argue that belief in the supernatural will cause it to happen to one. Not as great as it could have been, Shadow People starts dragging in the middle, but it is still an entertaining evening's worth of horror.

- fb555928095, Saturday, March 16, 2013

3 stars

It was an ok movie few jumps from me lived how he made himself the martyr by lying aboit the existance so that others wouldn't get hurt yet human curiosity is its own downfall

- ryushonen333, Friday, May 17, 2013

3 stars

A very original and creepy horror film. Not a blood and gore movie but something more in the mold of a Val Lewton film in which the horror is suggested rather than shown. It is not one of the ubiquitous "found footage" movies but it does use a similar and quite original gimmick to promote the audience's suspension of disbelief. Good performances by a good cast in what was obviously not a big budget film. Well worth seeing.

- dfduncan, Tuesday, September 23, 2014