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horror, sci-fi & fantasy

It is known as S-11, a diabolical hybrid of shark and octopus created by genetic scientist Nathan Sands, and it is the U.S. Navy's next super-weapon.

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3 stars

It sounds like something used in a sitcom for a cheap joke. A film so absurd, only a genius would dare suggest it. Sharktopus. Half Shark, Half Octopus. You know already if this is for you. Which is why it's so beautiful. Seeing the set-up for jokes such as a woman going bungee jumping is just great. The brilliance comes from anticipating exactly what is going to happen. This film also has fairly decent CGI, but proves that good effects are not necessary. The film is propelled along by great action sequences and the kind of dialog that should be winning awards. "You've released an 8-legged man eating great white into the wild." "A minor setback!" Eric Roberts does great in his role, and plays it straight but hammy. I sat in awe at some of the scenes and the characters that inhabited the world. They're all here and they are all brilliant. Sharktopus is a great way to spend any evening.

- kiriyamakazou, Saturday, April 2, 2011

2 stars

The film is every bit as stupid as you'd expect, but still a good bit of fun, as everyone seems to be making a corny movie and fairly comfortable with that. This won't be for all (most?) tastes, but if you are into this kind of thing, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. Worth a look if it's your thing.

- kingmob6, Saturday, January 1, 2011