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Silent Hill: Revelation

action & adventure, horror, thrillers

Return to a place of blood-curdling chills in this shocking sequel where a dangerous revelation leads one 18-year-old deeper into a demonic world that threatens to trap her forever.

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2 stars

The obvious sequel to the surprisingly decent first film but does this follow suit with good looks and swift chills?. No, no it doesn't, I'm not gonna beat around the bush this is your complete and utter obligatory pointless sequel that has lost all of the originals plus points...almost. Plot is suppose to follow 'Silent Hill 3' but I can't say either way as I've never played the games. So I guess I can't really moan about it as it may be faithful, that still doesn't excuse it being rubbish though. Basically the cult that wreaked havoc for 'Sharon' in the first film are somehow still around and after her ass to drag back to Silent Hill for more satanic like you do. Didn't 'Sharon' kill off all the cult folk in the first film? didn't she also merge with the bad half of herself...'Alessa' and close that chapter also?. Yep that's what I thought yet somehow we are back to square one again in this sequel. The cult manage to nab her dad (Bean is back with his dodgy US accent) so she is forced back to Silent Hill to rescue him. All this does is equal a lot of your typical standard horror fair as a blonde runs around screaming loads as she bumps into all manner of unique looking monsters. Almost an excuse just to show off new monsters really. The monsters are very good looking and original in design I won't deny but there is no point to them. The intro of 'Pyramid Head' back into the fray is also pointless as again there is no reason for him to be there, he's just there because he's the most famous monster in the franchise. The visuals are still pretty crisp and full of blood n gore but that can't hide the sheer waste of time this film is. Pyramid also saves 'Heather/Sharon' on two occasions, not sure whether he meant to or not though, so is he a savior for good now?. The cast is fine and continuity is upheld nicely as we do see Mitchell again (briefly), as I said Bean is back. Carrie-Anne Moss is the new main baddie here and basically does what the previous character tried in the first film, all over again (groan!). The best bit about her is when she changes into her monster alternate (so not a real person then?) which looks suspiciously like a character from 'Hellraiser' hehe but its a cool design. Malcolm McDowell is in there too for a small cameo, could have been anyone, made no difference, just a big name to grab more attention methinks. It just feels desperately and awkwardly pieced together to squeeze out a money spinning sequel. If the film is faithful to the game then kudos, I don't know, as a newbie it just feels rehashed to me. Most of the same monsters are back and the ending just sets up yet more cash in sequels making you sense a 'Resident Evil' style run. At least it does look good and they have kept the adult theme unlike the other franchise I just mentioned.

- phubbs1, Saturday, December 22, 2012

3 stars

Sometimes sequels lack the power and interesting qualities of the original. Silent Hill: Revelation is a pretty interesting sequel that is not as bad as what critics have said. With that being said, the film is far from perfect, but is strangely entertaining for what it is. First and foremost, video games make for a hard idea to bring to the screen, and when they do, the result is either hit or miss. However, this sequel to Silent Hill is far better than any Uwe Boll video game adaptation. There are enough supernatural elements at work here to make it a worthwhile horror film that is simply mindless fun. At times, the film feels like a mess, as it goes from a dark, atmosphere with the evils of Silent Hill to the real world. That was done purely make this one connect to the game's original concept, and it is actually pretty cool. I would say that this is my guilty pleasure of the year 2012. This entry is purely made for fans of the game, and for other horror fans that enjoyed the first movie. Of course the original Silent Hill is far better, but this one does something different that actually works well enough to make for a pure popcorn horror flick to watch on a rainy night. I agree that the film has its flaws, nonetheless it's an effective little chiller that you either enjoy or not. Quite frankly I find this one to be underrated, and it doesn't deserve all the negativity it has received. This is a far better horror picture than The House at the End of the Street and Smiley. Silent Hill: Revelation is an average film that has plenty of effective elements, but could have toned down on confusing scenes a bit. The gore was good, and the supernatural elements are what kept me interested. This is a film that should only be seen by fans of the original, and no one else.

- TheDudeLebowski65, Sunday, December 9, 2012

2 stars

img]] I went to see Silent Hill: Revelation with low expectations on almost all grounds. But hell I don't think anyone saw the film expecting anything above total mediocrity. I've always liked the ideas of the Silent Hill series, and in the right hands a film adaptation has the potential to be something great. In 2006 we had the first film directed by Christophe Gans, and he did a tolerable job of putting the game onto the screen but it had a lot of downsides. I never thought it was great, but I thought it was unique, atmospheric and sparked great interest. Silent Hill: Revelation on the other hand, struggles to be any of the above. Due in most part to the recycled plot and the lack of fresh ideas. Surprisingly however it isn't awful. Firstly the cinematography and visuals are easily the most incredible aspects of the film overall. The appearances of the monsters are relatively creepy, and the acting is at time convincing, but during other times poor. Despite the fact the film generally looks nice, the visuals were however spoiled by the 3D which just darkened the image down and made the overall experience of looking at it's demonic and precise imagery that much more annoying. But that said, the film makes decent "pop out" use out of being filmed in 3D. Nevertheless it had no excuse for being there other than to take even more money therefore adding insult to injury. The dialogue is incredibly poor and predictable to the point where I found myself cringing at some of the lines and the wooden deliverances. The film also lacks the general mood and imagination of the original adding nothing new to the formula and even failing to live up to the original, which was never a masterpiece anyway. I guess director Michael J Bassett does what he's capable of at this point, he's made some half decent film's but he hasn't shown the full extent of his talent yet. Neither has lead actress Adelaie Clemens who is excellent as the glimmer of hope in this film and I hope she goes to star in future action films because she proves herself here as a good heroin. Overall I still dont think we're there yet in successfully putting Silent Hill on the big screen, I think we're going in the wrong direction, but the series hasn't yet hit a brick wall with this. It's okay, but definetely nothing more than that.

- aquateen2, Tuesday, November 6, 2012