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Stephen King's Silver Bullet


Something is killing off townsfolk in Tarker's Mills. Something remotely human. But the only person in town with courage to stop this menace is a 13-year-old boy, confined to a wheelchair since birth.

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- Derek Adams, Time Out, Thursday, February 9, 2006


- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times, Saturday, January 1, 2000

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3 stars

Silver Bullet is pretty good werewolf film. Corey Haim gives a good performance and so does Gary Busey. Silver Bullet is based on a short story by Stephen King, and like every King adaptation it's creepy and chilling. The werewolf effects are great and terrifying. The film is definitely a thrill ride, and is a terrific horror film. Despite this film being horrifying and thrilling, the film does have a few flaws. Silver Bullet feels like a teen version of a Werewolf film due to the fact that heartthrob Corey Haim plays a crippled kid. this film could have benefited from a stronger storyline as well. The film has some tense, scary moments, but at times the terror feels a bit forced and it prevents Silver Bullet to reaching it's full potential. Otherwise, a pretty good film, if you like werewolf films, then Silver Bullet will give you a different take on the werewolf myth, but this ain't no American Werewolf In London.

- TheDudeLebowski65, Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2 stars

Silver Bullet reaks with cheese, and not the enjoybaly stinky cheese. This is the rancid kind that leaves a sour odour in the room even after it's been disposed of. Based on Stephen King's great novella, Cycle of the Werewolf, Silver Bullet takes place not over the course of a year, but seemingly a few days, where every night seems to be a full moon. The werewolf effects are really bad, even for a 1980s movie. But then again, when has a werewolf movie ever had good effects. The movie also opens and closes like a family drama. Wtf? Is this supposed to be a coming of age story where siblings learn to cope with one another, or a movie about a werwolf terrorizing the small town of Tarker Mills? The concept isn't bad, but instead of playing the film for the straight up horror flick that it is, the movie decides to ham everything up. It doesn't want to work to invoke fear in its audience. But then again, how scary can a puppet werewolf be?

- MovieGeek13, Tuesday, July 28, 2009

3 stars

Corey Haim plays the same character that he would later perfect in The Lost Boys. He's the boy in a town of strange goings on, but nobody believes him when he says something supernatural is about. Only this time he is crippled. Putting him in a wheelchair seems fairly pointless to me. It may add to sympathy and should probably add to the tension, but it doesn't. Haim has such super powered wheelchairs that he is almost at an advantage when facing the werewolf. I've got to say, the transformation effects were still quite impressive, but the wolf itself wouldn't seem amiss on Sesame Street. Busey apparently plays a drunk, but he is never really drunk, or bitch ass crazy like Busey should be. The mystery was quite well executed, certainly since I didn't guess who it was. It was a very entertaining ride, even if the balance between Goosebumps style childhood mystery and violent horror, never quite equaled out.

- kiriyamakazou, Friday, May 8, 2009