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The Artist

comedy, drama, romance

Hollywood 1927. George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) is a silent movie superstar. The advent of the talkies will sound the death knell for his career and see him fall into oblivion.

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Top Critic Reviews

Fresh: "The Artist" is such an engaging, delightful film that, if you like movies, you will walk out of the theater with a smile. You just will; it's that inspired.

- Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic, Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fresh: The Artist is charming as all get-out, a delightful little movie about the movies.

- Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News, Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fresh: It's a rocket to the moon fueled by unadulterated joy and pure imagination.

- Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Thursday, December 22, 2011

Audience Reviews

5 stars

Enchanting and beautiful film about success, jealousy, technology, the movie industry and (of course) love; the scene in which Peppy (Berenice Bejo) manipulates one arm of George's (Jean Valentin) suit on the hanger is one for the ages. A film that gets at what it is about movies that so affects us, and one with compelling relationships between characters and a hero who's always on the knife-edge of success vs. failure. A fun throwback, too - even if Singin' in the Rain kind of did this first, it's a brilliant contemporary approach.

- danperry17, Sunday, December 16, 2012

4 stars

It's straightforward, predictable, and not entirely deserving of its Academy commendation, but 'The Artist' is ultimately a delightful piece of escapism. It's a well-made and audacious homage to the first stars of Hollywood. It's a joy to watch, I became aware that I had a smile on my face throughout the first twenty minutes, which was thanks to a combination of the jovial soundtrack, 'Uggie' the talented Jack Russell, and also I think Dujardin's rather infectious smile. However, it's slightly darker than you may have imagined. The film concerns George Valentin (Jean Dujardin), a silent-movie star whose wellbeing is jeopardised upon the advent of the 'talkies'. So, as you can imagine, the film is as much a drama as it is a romantic comedy, if not more. It really is remarkable what the cast have achieved with this film. I'm sure many people would have their reservations about this silent film, but I'm certain they'd be engrossed from the start, completely indifferent that it's missing a fundamental dimension. Of course, silent films aren't completely silent, they're scored, and 'The Artist' has a delightfully expressive soundtrack. Its energetic, upbeat tracks are my favourite; they have your torso gently swaying and your head bobbing jovially. It's ultimately a very nice little film with good performances from everyone, particularly from Dujardin. Though he is great in it, I feel his Oscar wasn't fairly earned; his job was very different to the other contenders that year. However, if there was an Oscar for 'Best Smile', he would've won without a doubt.

- Callahan441, Monday, October 22, 2012

3 stars

3 3/4's..DO NOT WATCH THIS if you are sleepy. Personally, I had to take a nap halfway through, so this one is a tough one for me to rate. BUT, I do applaud the originality (applied to todays films). I do appreciate the quality. I did think that it was very nice. I love old movies (not necessarily silent films), so that part was easy for me. I really wish that I could rate it more, but I found myself bored a lot of the time.........AND it makes me laugh that they sell the soundtrack to this. Music to nap by?

- itsjustme2004, Tuesday, October 2, 2012