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The Babymakers

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independent, special interest

A man decides to rob a sperm bank with his friends when he has trouble conceiving a child with his wife

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2 stars

It's almost like all of the jokes in this movie were done before, and a lot. It's kind of a confused movie, it can't really decide if it wasn't to be mature or more slap stick with the humor. It's actually really out there and for no real reason. They really didn't think this one through. It's more confusing than it is funny, the characters can't decide where they stand on anything really. It does have some funny moments, but not really enough to make up for the fact that I wanted to slap the characters at times when they were talking. They really try too hard to make it seem "real" and instead it just seems like they don't know their lines.

- helwigs, Sunday, December 9, 2012

3 stars

I did NOT have high hopes for this, but it turned out that I enjoyed it. Not the best movie around, but it definitely produced more than a few laugh-out-loud chuckles from me...

- itsjustme2004, Friday, August 16, 2013

2 stars

As a big fan of Broken Lizard I was moderately excited about this film, even though it only included the involvement of two of the members, neither of whom had a hand in the script. The Babymakers sees a young couple trying for a baby but are unable to conceive. Tommy soon finds out that he has slow sperm, but he had donated sperm 5 years ago and everything was okay back then. The sperm bank refuses to give him back his sperm as it is promised to another couple, and so begins a plan to rob the sperm bank. A sperm bank heist movie is a great idea, but unfortunately Chandrasekhar doesn't quite capture the heist element too well. There's far too much time spent on little arguments which don't often add anything the to characters. I also found the film's tone to be very confusing. There were moments when it seemed as though the comedy should be played as very outrageous, but instead, bizarre moments were just sort of passed over. A lot of the film goes nowhere, and the heist doesn't take place until the last 20 minutes. It's a slow ride where nobody on screen seems that interested. There are a few laugh out loud lines, and some rather sweet chemistry between Schneider and Munn which should have taken more of the focus. The very last scene is the tone and humour the film should have aimed for throughout. It was warm, heartfelt, cute, and hilarious.

- kiriyamakazou, Saturday, August 25, 2012