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The Bank Job

drama, thrillers

Inspired by an extraordinary true event, THE BANK JOB is a highly-charged thriller which interweaves a heady combination of intrigue, danger and scandal in early '70s London.

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4 stars

Terrific heist flick and one of the best British films I've ever seen. It starts off quite slowly, but gradually gets better as the plot moves along. The pacing is absolutely brilliant (which to me is always a key element when it comes to my overall enjoyment of the story) and it also features a great deal of interesting characters. I had a preconception that it wouldn't be anything special, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Because this transcends itself high above the usual standard, and even surpasses films like Snatch and Ocean's Eleven (altough they have a little higher re-watch value). That being said, this is positively something I can recommend in good conscience. A true sleeper hit!

- CloudStrife84, Sunday, October 31, 2010

5 stars

Just such a cool movie and excellent heist plot. Usually movies like this are either too silly or too serious, this balanced every emotion perfectly. Not only is it on par with Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, in many ways it's better. I love the 70s look and feel, it added a lot of personality and separated itself from the Ocean's movies or ones like it. Jason Statham not only has the coolest personality known to mankind, he'll beat you to a pulp in ten seconds flat and steal your girlfriend whilst jump kicking you in the face. This is not a throwaway plot at all, it sticks with you and delivers on all expectations.

- ythelastman89, Thursday, August 12, 2010

4 stars


- bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb1, Thursday, July 29, 2010