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The Damned

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independent, special interest

Set during the closing days of WWII this gritty, claustrophobic mix of Film Noir and psychological suspense follows the doomed escape of a group of Nazi's as they flee for South America aboard a submarine hoping to evade their fate in Europe.

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4 stars

Not one of Visconti's best films, but indeed a heavy and strong one. Many may not see the profound meaning of this fil, Visconti's intention is to create sort of a metaphor comparing a family to Germany's descent. There are many grotesque images throughout the movie, that for some may not be tolerable, perhaps of perversion, murder, pedophilia, homosexuality and drug addiction. But you come to understand that these are put there by the mere intention of the director, to sketch the moral descent of Germany as a country. The highlight or climax of the movie is almost at the end, the famous "Night of the long knives", where we see a party going on, women and men almost naked, and where we see homosexuality at its best. Indeed a strong movie, but definitely worth watching.

- lizzellotte, Monday, September 24, 2007

4 stars

Based on a family's foray into unadulterated corruption during the third Reich. Initially, the relationships of the various characters were difficult to follow, but their manipulations and depravity slowly and memorably reveal their personalities. Debauchery and decadence are intrinsic within the Nazi regime. Helmut Berger's performance is amazing as he transforms from a dandy to a completely evil and ruthless man. The ending is incredible.

- bookmunki, Thursday, December 11, 2008

4 stars

Yes, and to think that the people this movie was based on are still one of the ruling class families in Germany!

- texassuda, Tuesday, February 1, 2011