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The Great Beauty

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independent, special interest

Jep Gambardella has been a prince of Rome's nightlife since the success of his only novel. When his 65th birthday coincides with a shock from the past, Jep takes stock of his life and reflects on Rome in all her glory.

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Top Critic Reviews

Fresh: Never have cynicism and disillusion seemed more intoxicating than in "The Great Beauty," which is such an overwhelming visual and auditory experience that its elements of cautionary moral fable threaten to get lost amid the gorgeousness.

- Andrew O'Hehir,, Friday, November 15, 2013

Fresh: If the antics of the beau monde disgust or exhaust you, stay away from Sorrentino's film; look no further, on the other hand, if you wish to know whether, where, and in what guise the spirit of Fellini remains at work-and, better still, at play.

- Anthony Lane, New Yorker, Monday, November 25, 2013

Fresh: Go ahead. Soak up the Beauty. It's one of the best films of the year.

- Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News, Thursday, December 12, 2013

Audience Reviews

3 stars

Starting off on such a strong note, "The Great Beauty" is pretty boring and a tad too sentimental for the story it is trying to convey. It feels like it shoves it's meaning of change down your throat. Once he turns 65, Jep wants to get out of sex and his nightlife addiction by moving on and enjoying the beauty of life. What I don't understand is that the film does not focus much on that transformation and kind of leaves you hanging by the end by going into a different storyline entirely. I didn't care for this film much, aside from it's dazzling shots and cool edits. It's leads are strong, but the film does not have a strong enough anchor anywhere to keep it moving. It's okay, but I won't remember it for very long.

- fb733768972, Saturday, January 11, 2014

4 stars

'The Grand Beauty'. A must-see for the cinematography alone. The absurdity, surrealism and eclectic music are a bonus.

- c0up, Monday, December 23, 2013

4 stars

Luxurious, transporting, and grand - though not always effective... but in general, I truly enjoyed The Great Beauty. It's a lovely experience, even if you're not entirely sure on some scenes, it still evokes something in the viewer, usually something strong and almost always enthralling. Now, the film's been considered a rehash of some of the old Italian greats of cinema, most notably Fellini's La Dolce Vita. I've seen La Dolce Vita, but since it's not embedded in my filmic vocabulary, The Great Beauty doesn't come off as derivative at all to me. And even if it was mimicking those styles and structures (and it does, at least for La Dolce Vita), it still achieves its own emotions and glimpses of beauty, that the complaint seems less relevant to me. And that's where the film works - it's a mesmerizing glide through self-reflective waters for a post-midlife Italian socialite / novelist in Rome named Jep. Like life, Jep wanders in and out of scenes of confusion, awkwardness, emptiness, sadness, and beauty, set against the sumptuous nighttime Roman landscape. There's a loose arc through it all, and when I thought the film might end... it carried on another 40 minutes (!). Not that it was all bad, but there is certain several peaks and valleys that make The Great Beauty not the easiest to process, but it was ultimately rewarding and one I was happy to experience.

- michaelneumann, Friday, February 7, 2014