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The Haunting (1963)


In an old New England house believed to be haunted, an ESP researcher enlists the help of two mediums in the hopes they can learn more the house's evil reputation. Starring Julie Harris.

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5 stars

The Haunting is the ultimate haunted house film and so much more. I would go as far as saying that it's one of the greatest film-noir too. It represents the last of the great b/w thrillers but also the first of a new kind of thriller/horror. Robert Wise was such an awesome director, this is easily amongst his greatest films, of which there are many. This film is highly influential too, the 1999 remake represents the epitome of what is wrong with the industry today. Watch this film. Watch it now!

- SirPant, Friday, November 18, 2011

5 stars

The Haunting is a stellar haunted house flick with a great cast. Director Robert Wise crafts a memorable film that has some genuine scares, something that is missing from many horror films of today. The Haunting is a brilliantly acted film with a great cast and it has such atmosphere to create memorable terror. The Haunting is one of the greatest haunted house films ever filmed. Director Robert Wise creates a terrific film, and The Haunting is one of the most memorable, most efficient haunted house films in the horror genre. This film relies on atmosphere to create the horror and Robert Wise has a terrific eye of what makes a memorable and effective horror flick. The cast deliver great performances and The Haunting is a perfect ghost story. Director Robert Wise genius direction keeps you imagination guessing and what the horrors are that lurk in the dark. This is superb filmmaking at its terrifying best, and remains the quintessential haunted house film to watch. This is a masterful horror classic that is still scary after all these years. The film relies heavily on the unseen to create the terror, and it proves that at times you don't need blood or gore to create the terror on-screen. Sometimes all you need is the fear of the unknown, what you can't see brings even more genuine terror than most psychotic mad men. The Haunting set the standard for all haunted house films that would follow. Robert Wise has crafted a must see horror flick, a definite classic of the genre. This film will definitely give you a few good scares. If you want a great atmospheric horror film, then The Haunting is a definite must see. Robert Wise definitely knows how to create effective horror with a dark atmosphere that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. A flawless classic.

- TheDudeLebowski65, Wednesday, March 7, 2012

5 stars

The reason the original film worked so much better than the remake is because the fear was all supposed to be based on what you couldn't see, what your mind could dream up when your eyes are at rest from CGI special effects and gross out blood splatter. Instead of being an overly wrought, plot conundrum like the remake, the simplicity of the original Haunting, is that there is no main ghost, but instead a satanic house designed by a cruel man. There's also no reasoning towards why some residents of the house fall down staircases, others commit suicide, and still others become elderly recluses. As it draws in the nubile and innocent character of Eleanor (Harris) it becomes more than just her becoming more and more afraid of her imminent fate, but her attachment to a home for herself after years of taking care of an ill and abusive mother. The ending is almost happy, yet bittersweet, because though Eleanor is not an altogether likable character (much like Stephen King's Carrie) she is looking for a feeling of belonging that everyone can relate to. Psychological, and gut wrenching to watch, this scared me into insomnia.

- FrizzDrop, Tuesday, April 5, 2011