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Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson team up to crash the digital world in this laugh-out-loud buddy comedy that clicks!

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common sense

PAUSE for kids age 13
5 out of 5
Drinking, drugs, & smoking
3 out of 5
4 out of 5
Positive messages
2 out of 5
Positive role models
2 out of 5
3 out of 5
2 out of 5

Wilson, Vaughn reteam for goofy comedy with sex humor.

what parents need to know

Parents need to know that The Internship follows two unemployed salesmen (Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn)-- who've made it to middle age without really accomplishing much of anything -- as they try to make it through Google's rigorous internship program. There's a fair amount of swearing (including "s--t," "p---y," and one "f--k"), and some scenes feature heavy drinking. One scene takes place in a strip club, where an extended joke involves a man ejaculating multiple times after getting lap dances. There's also a romantic subplot with some relatively tame innuendo and flirty banter. But the biggest love affair is between the filmmakers and Google, which is made to seem like the most wonderful place on Earth in this very obvious (and over-the-top) homage to the tech company.

what families can talk about

  • Families can talk about the messages in The Internship. How do Nick and Billy's weaknesses turn into strengths during the course of the film? What do the filmmakers think is more important, understanding people or understanding computers?
  • The film glorifies Google, as both a place to work and as a company that's dedicated to making the world a better place. Do you think Google is really that special? Or is this picture a little too rosy?
  • The movie portrays a strip club as a place to unwind and let loose. Is this the kind of place your friends and family go to relax and enjoy themselves? Why do you think the filmmakers chose to feature this locale in the movie?

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Top Critic Reviews

Rotten: One of those movies that milks its stars' inherent charisma for as long as it can, but it does so mainly because it has little else.

- Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine/Vulture, Monday, June 10, 2013

Fresh: The Internship doesn't break any new comedic ground...But it's an amiable, occasionally laugh-out-loud fish-out-of-water tale that gently mocks our modern technological age while simultaneously embracing it.

- Cary Darling, Fort Worth Star-Telegram/, Friday, June 7, 2013

Rotten: A feature-length chunk of product placement masquerading as a comedy of teamwork and aspiration.

- Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News, Thursday, June 6, 2013

Audience Reviews

3 stars

Even if definitely predictable and formulaic, this is a decent movie that delivers a fair amount of laughs and makes for a good time - and it has its heart in the right place and does not insult our intelligence like most comedies today.

- blacksheepboy, Monday, July 8, 2013

3 stars

Even if definitely predictable and formulaic, this is a decent movie that delivers a fair amount of laughs and makes for a good time - and it has its heart in the right place and does not insult our intelligence like most comedies today.

- blacksheepboy, Monday, July 8, 2013

3 stars

There is no denying that "The Internship" is one big advertisement for Google. There is also no denying that it does star the only actor arguably more annoying than Adam Sandler. But even so, that doesn't take away from my solemn guarantee that even the most cynical out there will find humor in this PG-13 comedy. Truthfully, going into this Vince Vaughn led production (as he also takes writing credits) I was more than a little skeptical, since (as an actor) Vaughn is a comedic one trick pony. And this quick talking "trick", while somewhat funny within the confines of the early 2000's, if not diluted, is played out in 2013. But, luckily for the millions who will undoubtedly be dragged to watch this movie, the supporting cast steals the show (especially Tobit Raphael who plays Yo-Yo Santos, delivering most of the laugh out loud lines) and takes much of the comedic weight off of Vaughn's shoulders. Owen Wilson also does his part to thankfully take some of the spotlight off of Vaughn. And even if you hate him as an actor, it is undeniable that Wilson, playing the "straight man" to Vaughn's "wacky giant" does work in this forum; no matter how much you don't think it will. Yeah, I know the trailers look awful, but trust me, there are some laugh out loud bits sprinkled throughout "The Internship" (especially when Wilson and Vaughn step onto the Google campus) which are surprisingly well written and executed. That said, during the moments when I wasn't laughing "The Internship" did feel very formulaic, as if director Shawn Levy (Date Night) was ticking off boxes from an imaginary "buddy comedy" checklist. Example: First act, two old guys get in a situation where they must interact with young people. Check! Act two they find that they are out of their league and give up. Check! In the third act they work together, using the talents they've possessed all along, to triumph against all odds. Check and check! So, while the supporting cast and the said funny bits throughout do push this comedy along, any time "The Internship" has to display any emotion other than frivolity, the generic story structure bleeds through, as Levy and Vaughn seem to lazily succumb to the overly melodramatic and uninteresting growth of these paper thin protagonists. Final Thought: "Wedding Crashers", this is not. The main reason "The Internship" only gets a slight recommendation from me, has to do primarily with its lack of memorable moments. Allow me to explain: the most successful comedies throughout the last decade (starring the same, if not a similar stable of comedic actors) all had one thing in common. Be it "Old School", "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy", "Step Brothers" or the aforementioned "Wedding Crashers", they all had memorable lines of dialogue or situations which can be easily regurgitated back by fans of the genre. Yes, "The Internship" contains some funny situations and more than an adequate amount of funny lines. And all that matters in a movie like this is how much one laughs throughout. But at the end of the day, no matter how much you laughed, I would challenge you to find any one line of dialogue or relatable comedic situation that stuck with you after you exited the theater. Hence, "The Internship" will ultimately go down as one of those watchable yet forgettable comedies. Written by Markus Robinson, Edited by Nicole I. Ashland Follow me on Twitter @moviesmarkus

- ghostdog86, Wednesday, June 5, 2013