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The Presence

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In this darkly romantic ghost story, a woman travels to an isolated cabin where she is stalked by an apparition who inhabits her space as his own. With the unexpected arrival of the woman's boyfriend, the dark spirit's haunting grows obsessive.

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directed by

Tom Provost


Tom Rice



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2 stars

No dialogue for the first 20 minutes. No one in this movie has a name - except for the boat guy. Shane West says 3 words the entire movie - and they're all the way at the end. While it was an interesting story and the director proved that you didn't need a ton of dialogue to get a point across, some points were just lost. The movie was very slow paced and hardly any questions were answered.

- jellybeangurl31, Saturday, January 14, 2012

1 star

I was into this movie waiting & waiting for the 1st spirit to do something or something to happen but when the 2nd spirit or demon showed up, I lost interest & the movie just went downhill from there.I also HATED the ending

- dukeakasmudge, Monday, November 21, 2011

2 stars

Strangely the spiritual sister to "Beyond" that I just watched. Another gorgeous looking thriller... That's slow, dull, and uninteresting. But unlike "Beyond" an interesting storyline does pop up exactly halfway through when a malicious ghost shows up to challenge the existing Presence. Unfortunately, the storyline is still played awfully tedious. I read some of these other user reviews and I am at a loss how they didn't understand the ending. It is more than on the nose. Spoiler Alert: The dark spirit is a guardian spirit who helps The Presence move on and tears the malicious spirit apart. The spirit on the boat is the boatman's spirit that brought him to the island. I see him as a good spirit, you may take a pessimistic view that it is another malicious spirit that will do harm to the two humans. But the whole taking Shane West into Heaven thing was so uninspired...

- Tebor, Saturday, June 15, 2013