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The Tenant

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horror, thrillers

Twenty-five years after a horrifying accident, a group of young teens and their driver seek shelter an old abandoned building where true evil awaits them Featuring horror icon Michael Berryman.

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1 star

Twenty-eight years ago, Dr. Walter Newman (Randy Molnar) is running a mental asylum and is also trying to find a way to cure disabilities. His wife, Olivia (Georgia Chris), is against the testing, especially when she tells him she's pregnant with twins. But Dr. Newman's psycho assistant Ms. Tinsley (Sylvia Boykin) wants the tests completed, so she secretly injects one of Olivia's twins with a serum. When the babies are born, the girl is normal, but the boy - the one injected with the serum - turns out to be a monster. Twenty-eight years later, a group of deaf students and their chaperones get a flat tire in front of the now abandoned mental hospital, and decide to stay there for the night. But the monster child is all grown up, and ready to wreak some havoc on the unsuspecting kids. This film tried to be a new Frankenstein-style film, but failed miserably. The acting, directing, effects, makeup, everything was beyond B-rated. Plus it was extremely boring, until the end, but even then it wasn't exciting at all because you never got to know the characters in the final half so you didn't care. They could've just focused on the doctor's experiments and be it, but instead the director cut both sections short to incorporate both parts into the film, which wasn't really needed.

- joemamaohio, Thursday, October 11, 2012