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Calling all knuckleheads! From the fiercely funny Farrelly Brothers (There's Something About Mary) comes this contemporary take on the world's most beloved classic comedy trio...The Three Stooges!

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ON for kids age 9
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Stooge tribute amuses despite violence, some iffy stuff.

what parents need to know

Parents need to know that The Three Stooges is the Farrelly brothers' tribute to the famous 1930s/40s comedy team. Though the Stooges are generally good-hearted and have the best intentions, they're exceedingly violent, mainly to one another. This constant slapstick has no physical effect and no consequences for the Stooges themselves, though secondary characters do receive injuries. Also, the movie's plot has the Stooges accepting a job to murder a man for money, though they naively believe that he's dying and that the money will go to save an orphanage. Expect a few suggestive sexual situations and comical innuendo, as well as insulting language like "stupid," "moron," and "shut up." The reality show Jersey Shore is featured prominently. The Three Stooges is much tamer than the Farrellys' usual fare, and a semi-comical disclaimer at the end addresses the movie's violence and urges kids not to try it, but this is still the most juvenile brand of broad comedy.

what families can talk about

  • Families can talk about the Stooges' comical hitting and violence. Is it funny? What makes it different from action-based violence? The sound effects? The lack of injuries and blood?
  • Are the Stooges role models? They're "pure of heart" and trying to save the orphanage where they were raised, but their methods are somewhat questionable. Can they be excused?
  • What is The Three Stooges trying to say? Are the Stooges rewarded for being good people? Do they learn any lessons from their actions or behavior?
  • Kids: Does watching the Stooges make you want to imitate them?

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3 stars

This is a complete revitalization of the Three Stooges, bringing them into today's world, for a new audience. It's the exact same physical humor, and nuck nuck nucks as before, just different actors in today's world. The actors all do a fantastic job portraying Larry(Sean Hayes), Curly(Will Sasso), and Moe(Chris Diamantopoulos). The rest of the cast is good as well, especially Larry David as a nun, and a cameo by the Jersey Shore cast. The basic premise is that the Stooges grew up in an orphanage, and now the orphanage is being shut down, unless they can come up with the money to save it. Original? No. Funny? Yes, especially if you love the old Stooges. Brings back lots of memories, and hopefully this movie will help kids get introduced to the stooges, and their brand can live on. This is rated PG, just make sure the kids know the violence is pretend(there is a hilarious bit at the end as an advisory). Love The Stooges, and some may say this kind of comedy is dated, but I found it refreshing. Great movie if you want a couple harmless chuckles.

- fb100000145236770, Saturday, July 7, 2012

4 stars

four stars

- YodaMasterJedi, Friday, July 6, 2012

1 star

The three leads and Larry David save this ''comedy'' from being truly atrocious.

- fb100001050230219, Tuesday, July 24, 2012