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action & adventure, drama

Starring the world's top mixed martial arts champions!

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2 stars

Man this 1 sucked. What a load. Horrible script, sheer stupidity. Theres not even enough T and A to make it a good skin show. Its just all bad camera work and awkward lighting. They gave Forrest Griffin such a dumb role,and practically no lines. Middleweight UFC fighter Nate Marquardt also makes an appearance here,playing Forrest Griffins brother of all things. Now that I think about it, the two some what have a resemblance, they could pass for brothers from another mother. However, having them as brothers isnt very significant to the plot. Another fighter from the UFC,Keith Jardine plays a strange role, as a rival to the ageing main character. Jardine is just your average tough guy jerk, a fighter that gets involved and throws his weight around. He doesnt really come across as a villian or a hero, or anything other than just a big guy. Pointless! The main attraction to this type of flick would have to be the violence and macho competition yet The fights were marred with glaring light and uninteresting shots, spoiling the experience. This movie puts Rashad Evans in a much bigger role, and depends on his acting performnace for a lot of the plot points. Rashad seems to be pretty good at being completely unlikeable, suitably hes been cast as the lead villian A guy who doesnt seem that far from the real Rashad. Most of the characters seem to fit some terrible stereotype, and are so shallow and 1 dimensional you can almost see right through them. The Mob Boss, the stripper girl friend, the number 1 fan...a whole bunch of cliches and boundless bad acting. Furthermore there was an unintersting backstory, that i guess was supposed to tie it all together which it definetly did not. This whole thing was enduring to watch. Blehhhhh are they going to keep making these fly by night films, like a reoccuring crime? How much can they really be making off of rentals alone? The sad part is, I think theyre getting worse, and this is only the 3rd so far. I wanna know are fighters really this desperate to get in an acting credit, or is it just another pay day? I really enjoy MMA as an entertainment sport and appreciate the fighters, I understand they want to make a name for themselves but For Petes sake somebody come up with a better script!

- MizasterJ, Thursday, June 24, 2010

4 stars

This movie is pretty good.The fighting scenes R excellent.This is most definately the best movie in the Tapout series so far.

- themasterpiece69, Thursday, March 18, 2010

1 star

I think I've seen this before... just with a different cast and title. Oh yeah, and the one before that. And before that... and that... Seriously, please STOP making movies with the same freaking plot. This wasn't good the first time, it's not going to get better through repetition. I watched this for about 10 minutes before skipping to the end. I wish I had those 10 minutes back.

- mannjess, Wednesday, March 17, 2010