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Set against the futuristic landscape of totalitarian Britain, V For Vendetta tells the story of a mild-mannered young woman named Evey...

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Complex but heavy-handed action film. Adults only.

what parents need to know

Parents need to know that this film includes recurring and explicit violence, including explosions, martial arts fights, knifings (with bloody results quite visible), shootings, and torture inside prison cells (where one character shares her space with a rat). The film opens with a flashback to a 1605 hanging, and then, in the present, an imminent rape (stopped by V's violent intervention). The film includes scenes of war and police state tactics, including the brutal incarceration of race and sexual minorities in Britain. A young girl sees her mother kidnapped by government flunkies, then witnesses a similar brutality as an adult. When a bishop arranges for sex with an underage girl (apparently a regular practice), he's killed as punishment (but not before he pushes his would-be girl victim onto his bed). Characters curse occasionally (infrequent use of the f-word, plus "bloody hell," "bitch," and the s-word).

what families can talk about

  • Families can talk about the film's presentation of terrorism as reasonable response to state oppression. Is violence ever an appropriate response? How do the evil chancellor's raging and V's tragic background (abused and institutionalized as a child) make V's cause seem sympathetic, even if it's illegal and aggressive? How does Evey's own childhood loss of her parents make her ready to be V's protg? For fans of the book, families can discuss the differences between the film and its inspiration.

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Fresh: Forget the faux accent, its the raw emotion Portman] displays, especially in the films latter stages, thats positively Streep-like and most captivating.

- Brian Marder,, Friday, November 27, 2009


- Dave White,, Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fresh: Better than the original comic. Seriously.

- Devin Faraci, CHUD, Friday, November 27, 2009

Audience Reviews

5 stars

V For Vendetta is one of the greatest action films to come it recent memory. The story is flawless as well as the acting and directing of this film. Vendetta is an epic film based on Alan Moore's graphic novel of the same name. The film, right from the get go is action packed, and doesn't slow down. With every frame of the film there is something exciting and jaw dropping. This is a great film that is able to combine believable drama, drama that doesn't feel unreal. I've watched this film at least seven times and it always delivers something fresh, it never gets tiring. James McTeague shows he is a very capable director with this debut. His talent to create something great is evident and he truly shines by directing one of the greatest action films ever made. Natalie Portman delivers her greatess performance yet (As she was very annoying in the Star Wars prequels, she makes up for it here) The film is set in a dystopian future where a terrorist named V (played by Hugo Weaving) fights the oppressive regime. A film with a cast of phenomenal actors, this is definitely one of the best action films ever made, and it's a very entertaining film with lots to offer. You won't easily get bored with V For Vendetta.

- TheDudeLebowski65, Friday, August 20, 2010

4 stars

"V for Vendetta" may just be one of the most liberal films I have ever seen. But if you put that aside you will find some great acting, some neat action scenes and an impressive story arch. "V for Vendetta" is nothing but memorable dystopian storytelling.

- stevenecarrier, Monday, August 2, 2010

4 stars


- bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb1, Thursday, July 29, 2010