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Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie

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In a time when dinosaurs rule the Earth, the smallest of the pack a playful Pachyrhinosaurus named Patchi embarks on a gigantic adventure the whole family will love.

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common sense

ON for kids age 7
1 out of 5
Drinking, drugs, & smoking
0 out of 5
Educational value
3 out of 5
1 out of 5
Positive messages
3 out of 5
Positive role models
2 out of 5
Sexy Stuff
1 out of 5
Violence & scariness
3 out of 5

Thrilling, semi-educational CGI movie with a few scary bits.

what parents need to know

Parents need to know that Walking with Dinosaurs: The Movie is a fictionalized account of a prehistoric herbivore's life with a few scary parts. Instead of a documentary with narration, the ultra-realistic computer-generated production is more Ice Age than Jurassic Park with a plucky underdog protagonist (a Pachyrhinosaurus). There is predator-prey violence that disfigures and kills dinosaurs (one major death is off screen) that could be intensified by the 3D. Expect a romantic subplot that may turn off younger viewers. Language includes scatological references to dinosaur poop and a few insults, but it also includes clear references to the names of every prehistoric animal featured in the movie.

what families can talk about

  • Families can talk about the enduring fascination with dinosaurs. What kinds of research did the filmmakers have to do to make this film?
  • Would you prefer a more traditional documentary, or do you like this fictionalized talking-dinosaur account? Is there anything lost by the humanization of the animals? Gained?

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Top Critic Reviews

Rotten: Unfortunately, there's no majestic visual this movie can't undercut with bathroom humor as the charmless characters chatter simply to fill the space. Not even aurora borealis is spared.

- Barbara VanDenburgh, Arizona Republic, Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rotten: Unfortunately the filmmakers must have been worried that the science lesson, though perfectly engaging on a visual level, would bore small children, so the movie is stuffed with glib, unfunny wisecracks along the lines of Shrek.

- Ben Sachs, Chicago Reader, Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rotten: The photo-realistic look is striking, but the dialogue is occasionally wince-inducing. Think a sub-par Flintstones episode.

- Claudia Puig, USA Today, Thursday, December 19, 2013

Audience Reviews

3 stars

A Nice Family Film Decent Kids Movie! If you see this expecting a grown-up style documentary, you'll be disappointed. It's clearly made for a very young audience, and I think they did a fantastic job in that regard. The animation was fantastic,it was quite educational, it had characters that the kids fall in love with, and it wasn't too long. If you like watching your kid really enjoy something, take them to this film. If you want something for the entire family, including grown ups, then you're better off with something else. For the first time in movie history, audiences will truly see and feel what it was like when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. "Walking with Dinosaurs" is the ultimate immersive experience, utilizing state of the art 3D to put audiences in the middle of a thrilling and epic prehistoric world, where an underdog dino triumphs to become a hero for the ages.

- MANUGINO, Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2 stars

The BBC hit Hollywood as they upgrade their popular 1999 miniseries to the silver screen. The original British series was a simple educational natural history documentary but it was all done with flashy CGI and animatronic puppets. Although the actual idea of a series all about dinosaurs wasn't completely original it was simply all about the movie style visuals which made it a hit. The concept includes quite a few series following on with the 'Walking with...' title. I guess this brings us to the fundamental problem with this film, the decision to be sell outs and whore the idea out Hollywood style. There is nothing wrong with an educational film of course, but this isn't it. The whole idea was to be a slick documentary with insightful narration...usually based around a few dinosaurs and a section of their lives. This film takes that idea but ruins it with God awful stereotypical Hollywood blockbuster garbage of the hammiest order. You have a spectacular looking Cretaceous period complete with stunning live action locations and pixel perfect dinosaurs, but its all virtually destroyed by giving the dinosaurs inept conventional teenybopper type voices and adding horrible songs along the way. I can't stress enough how good this film looks, it is truly beautiful and showcases our home planet in all its glory from dawn to dusk. The dinosaurs are all fantastically rendered in every frame and look...perfect!. Every scale, every feather, skin pigmentation, tooth, eye, posture, walk, stance, growl, roar, squeak, swoop etc...its all created with awesome detail. So much so its hard to think it could be wrong in any way but I'm sure in years to come new discoveries will arise. Its just such a monumental shame they crowbarred in these stupid cheesy voices to obviously appeal to the kids. I say crowbarred because it feels like it was an after thought, the dino's mouths/lips don't move with the voice work (a proper realistic approach) so it looks like they are thinking everything. Plus they all seem to roar/squawk/growl/whine in real time over the voice work which is odd. A dino will say something like 'hello' but you'll still hear the realistic dinosaur growl too, its like the powers that be couldn't decide what to do. Wouldn't be too bad if the voices were any good but they're so dumb and cliched, you know how this goes. Also they use in-jokes about the future, the past and different periods, plus words like 'ninja'. Yeah I know I'm being really picky but it just feels ridiculous and totally pulls you out of the film or the moment. The story is of course the age old tale about the life of a young dino who falls in love with another girl dino, their herd migrates across the land, they encounter danger from predators, get separated, must fight to survive and eventually find the herd again whilst fending off more nasty predators that should be Tyrannosaurus-Rex's but aren't. Its the usual coming of age story for a dinosaur which felt really really STALE, surely they could of come up with something else!. On top of that the main dino's have a sidekick along for the trip as you'd expect and all the usual kind of mishaps these types of films usually throw at you, I really shouldn't need to tell you more. The other thing that kinda bewilders me is why do this, its been done in the TV series and they've covered quite a few periods, so why make a movie of the same thing?. There is no real new ground here, not much educational stuff for kids and of course the plot is dreadful so its a complete waste of time. I'm sure dinosaur obsessed kids will enjoy it for the spectacle but surely watching the TV show would be far more beneficial. I really hate to be negative about this film as it has good intentions and has been created with a lot of love care and a tremendous eye for details. Personally I think the film would have worked a lot better just keeping Leguizamo narrating the story as the bird and cutting out all the other voices. Then you would have something much closer to the original source and it wouldn't come across as so infantile and corny. The film is instantly obsolete because of the far superior TV series (despite its age) which offers more in depth information and a multitude of dinosaurs/mammals from all periods. This film gets plus points for visuals alone but overall it feels like a vacuous emotionless waste of everybody's time. Did they really make this just to show off their CGI dinosaurs? seems like it.

- phubbs1, Saturday, March 15, 2014

1 star

If I listed the 10 worst movies of 2013 this would be top 3, maybe even number 1. This is just horrible. It wants to be educational, funny, dramatic, interesting, and it fails miserably at it all. The dinosaurs walk(hence the title) and grunt and roar, while there is very bad voice overs. Kind of like the American Home Video clips where there's like a cat and the hosts does a voice for it. I mean the dinosaurs mouths aren't moving, and it has a horrible Latino bird narrator that doesn't work into the movie at all really. Grant got bored midway through, and I honestly thought about walking out(which I haven't done since High School). But, I don't want Grant to think it's ok to walk out of a movie, so we stuck it out. Afterwards he was talking about the dinosaurs some, but I doubt he'd ever care to watch it again, and if he did I'd make him watch "Land Before Time" instead, which is a REAL animated movie, not this crap. I will say the one good thing about this movie is it gorgeous to look at. The dinosaurs look very real, it just happens to be a very boring and pointless movie. Just skip and hope it falls into extinction like the dinosaurs.

- fb100000145236770, Sunday, December 29, 2013