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War of the Arrows

  • Rated R

independent, special interest

When Mongols abduct Ja-in on her wedding day, her brother Nam-Yi, still reeling from tragedy that claimed their father's life, sets out to find her. Alive with new purpose, the skilled archer takes aim at the invading army in spectacular battle.

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- Richard Kuipers, Variety, Thursday, February 23, 2012

Audience Reviews

2 stars

Good action sequences, shallow characters. At times it feels like a K-Drama. Not bad to kill 2 hours, nothing more.

- DragonEyeMorrison, Sunday, August 26, 2012

2 stars

Our fable is set during the second Manchurian invasion of Korea in the 17th century, but you'd never get any of that by watching this movie. Superficial tale is more concerned with endless POV shots of flying arrows in slow motion going back and forth in a display of archery prowess. There is scant historical context or even dialogue for that matter to give depth to the narrative. Even the romantic subplot is forgettable. I suppose there's drama in cheering a single man going on the offensive armed with nothing more than a bow and arrow. There's a few mildly interesting battle sequences, but none of them rise above the action of a decent TV show. At one point we are introduced to Jyu Shin-Ta, the leader of Qing Dynasty's troop. At least he gives a human face to the enemy that solicits some much needed excitement. Unfortunately it's too little, too late. Only in the final confrontation do we truly get the emotional connection the story lacks. I dare say there's more character development in the animated Kung Fu Panda.

- hobster1, Sunday, August 12, 2012

4 stars

Very good film. Very engrossing...from the scenery, to the acting, to the history. Fantastic action. Beautifully done..

- itsjustme2004, Wednesday, July 4, 2012