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Creating an UltraViolet account is free. It's a new movie industry standard that allows you to put your movies in the cloud. learn more about UltraViolet. Link opens in another window

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Link my UltraViolet account to Target Ticket to streamline the sign-in process, allowing me to access my UltraViolet account from Target ticket without signing in separately to UltraViolet. (This link can be removed at Target ticket or at If I don't link, Licensee will receive temporary access to my UltraViolet account to fulfill my request.

Authorize Target ticket to provide UltraViolet account management features to me. I may view, add, change, and delete information in my UltraViolet account, including account details, member details, and UltraViolet Players, through Target Ticket. (This setting can be changed at

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